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Free window cleaning tips – window cleaning ideas showing you exactly how the pros do it

Ever wondered how the professional window cleaners always get such amazing results with what seems like very little effort? Well, we are about to spill the beans on how you can achieve the very same results for your windows with these professional window cleaning techniques. Just follow these window cleaning tips for awesome results – every single time.

The window cleaning tips the professionals would rather you did not know

“I’m always amazed that your window cleaner, with a bucket of cold water and what appears like zero effort, seems to get the most amazingly clean smear-free windows you have ever seen” exclaimed my sister last week. “While I can be rubbing away for hours and the second the sun comes out the horror of my streaks and smears is there for all to see”. Want to know the window cleaning tips of the professionals?  then read on.

Tip Number 1 – Stay Away From Chemicals

window cleaning tips south east londonOne of the most important window cleaning tips is to stay away from all those highly advertised sprays and creams. Be honest – when was the last time you saw a window cleaner using a spray or polish? They never do and that’s for a good reason. The chances of you ever getting all that muck off the window after you’ve put it on is ZERO. All you need to clean your windows is water and a bit of washing up liquid – despite what most people think, the water doesn’t have to hot OR EVEN CLEAN as you will soon discover.


Tip Number 2 – Cheap washing up liquid is the answer

You can of course buy a window cleaning solution from a professional supplier but to get you started just use ordinary washing up liquid (use sparingly).

Tip Number 3 – Get The Right Tools For The Job

The good news is that for sparkling windows you don’t need much in the way of tools but you do need the RIGHT tools and they are as follows:

  • Something to put the water/detergent onto the windows. The pros use a plastic t-bar with a synthetic washer fitted on the end. These will literally cost just a few pounds. Even a professional one from a company like Unger only costs around £12 and it will outlive you!
  • Something to take the water off with and that must be a high quality rubber squeegee (just like your windscreen wiper in fact). Again the professional version has a t- bar handle and the rubber blade just slots on the top.
  • A piece of material to wipe down the edge of the window to remove the bits the scraper has missed. Now that dirty old rag hanging over the window cleaners shoulder may look like …. well, a dirty old rag, but it is in fact one of the best kept trade secrets in existence. In the trade it is called a “scrim” and what makes the scrim so exciting is that with one wipe it will leave a smear free window edge every time. Again these can be bought very cheaply on line and will last for ever.

Tip Number 4 – Get The Technique

window cleaning tips personIf you’re not quite sure what to do next I recommend you watch a professional window cleaner at work. It takes, and I’m not exaggerating here, less than two minutes to clean an average window (and even that is going slow). Here’s the routine:

  1. Wipe the entire window with the water/detergent solution using the washer.
  2. Immediately wipe the window from top to bottom, side to side, with the squeegee. Do this without taking the blade off the window at any point as this will leave a water line. (If you find the required wrist action difficult to master at first and find you leave the odd water mark simply use the scrim to get it off without leaving any smears).
  3. The window will now be clean and dry but you will notice that the inside edge of the window will still have some water marks where the blade missed. take the scrim and wipe it around the entire edge of the window.

That’s it. The whole process should have taken less than two minutes and because the blade removes all of the water it doesn’t really matter whether the water is crystal clean or not.

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