Tips and tricks for using bleach safely

When we clean our homes, a lot of areas can easily be tackled with the usage of a household bleach to disinfect, clean, and sanitise. There are so many great uses for a simple bottle of household bleach, but if the proper care and safety is not used, you could end up seriously damaging your home, yourself, or others.

Bleach is a powerful and dangerous chemical, that needs proper care and usage in order to keep accidents to a minimum. If you are using bleach in your home, do make sure you are familiar with the consequences of improper usage, to ensure you safe handling.

There are thousands of different bleach products on the market that all claim to disinfect, whiten, clean, sanitize, and so on. While there is such a vast amount of product to choose from, it is important to carefully read what each product says it will do. Aside from standard chlorine one, there are now specific bleaches designed for individual areas to clean. For example, there are toilet bleaches, floor bleaches, and even fabric bleaches, so it is very important to choose the right one suitable for your intended purpose.

When using bleach, not only is it crucial to follow the instructions depending on what kind you have, but it is also VERY important to read through these tips to make sure you are not risking your health and safety with improper usage. Below we have included the top most beneficial tips to ensure that you are using bleach in your home in a safe, and suitable way

          Always properly ventilate the room you are bleaching.

Whether that means bleaching the toilet bowl, or scrubbing the kitchen floor. Make sure you have a well ventilated room with windows or doors open, and possibly an extraction or household fan turned on. Ventilating the room you are cleaning will ensure that no harmful chemical fumes remain in the air for you and your family to breath in.

Never mix bleach with any other liquids besides water.

Bleach is a very serious and powerful chemical, which should never be mixed with any other household cleaner, liquid, powder, or chemical. Water is the only safe solution to mix with bleach. Mixing bleach with other cleaning liquids or powders can cause serious chemical reactions, so unless you are a successful chemist with years of bleach experience, then it is safest to only use water!

          Use the proper amount!

When mixing bleach with water, it is EXTREMELY important that you use the proper measurements of water to bleach. Using too much bleach and not enough water can seriously damage your skin, clothes, surfaces, and whatever you are bleaching. Bleach can act as a corrosive, and dissolve a lot of surfaces if not used properly. Follow the proper solution measurements on the bleach you purchase. Bleach can be concentrated, thick, or weak, so read the fine print depending on which you have purchased.


If you misuse bleach, and happen to ruin your counter top, that is nothing compared to the chemical burn that bleach can cause when it comes in contact to your skin. Before you open a bottle of bleach, make sure you are wearing old clothes you are okay with ruining, and protective gloves. If you do not want to breathe in the fumes, you can wear a face mask, and even protective eye goggles if you want to take extra precautions.

The most important thing to remember when using bleach is to always wear gloves when handling the chemical. If you have bleach come in contact with your skin, eyes, or mouth, you must immediately wash the affected area with water continuously. If the accident becomes more sever, you must immediately call your poison control, or accident and emergency.

Although bleach can be a useful, and effective way of cleaning your home in many ways, there are also a handful of ways that bleach usage can go horribly wrong. With the proper care and precautions, you will be able to use bleach in your home in a safe way without worries. Improper bleach usage can lead to damage to your home, health, and the safety of others, so why risk that with bleach misuse?

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