The 5 Tips To Choosing Your House Cleaner Saving YOU a Mass Of Time and Regret

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Below are 5 crucial tips on what to look out for when employing your cleaner – this will massively help you not waste your valuable time and get the right cleaner that stays with you from the start.



Never get a cleaner who does not have a good grasp (written and verbal) of English. Communication is extremely important when it comes to cleaning your home as you may have to be able to give them feedback about domestic issues and other tasks you may want them to complete.

This communication can take place when you are present in your home as well as when you are off the premises. There is nothing more frustrating than explaining a complex cleaning issue when the cleaner does not understand!

It is essential to choose a cleaning company that uses up to date and sophisticated tools to facilitate translations for cleaners when they may not understand every word in an instruction. But make sure you choose a cleaner whose English skills are pretty much first class anyway.

REST ASSURED – SelClene do only use cleaners whose language is good and we also use up to date and sophisticated tools to facilitate translations. You certainly do not want a cleaner using the wrong product on the wrong surface and damaging your furniture. So no nasty surprises for you!



Do not take on an individual cleaner without first quizzing them about any health issues they may have. Examples of this could be some form of arthritis, a back problem or depression. Unless you check this you will find that unreliability can be the order of the day and you need your cleaning routine to work like clockwork (i.e. NOT having frequent absences).

REST ASSURED – SelClene is extremely experienced and puts measures in place to assess if cleaners have any health issues when they are applying for a job, hence taking the burden of unreliability away from you.




Don’t employ a cleaning company unless you have asked and checked the retention rate of their cleaners. Does the company have measures in place to raise retention? Unless you check this, you will find that your cleaner may not stay with you for any decent length of time hence causing frustration and more time in selecting another cleaner.

We know you are very busy and that is the main reason you are needing a cleaner. So if you are trying to find a cleaner on your own, you don’t want to have to keep advertising, screening and taking on a new cleaner every few months because your present cleaner regarded the job as a ‘stop gap’ measure until she found something else.

REST ASSURED – SelClene can advise on this element so you can retain your cleaner for a long period of stress free time.



Never take on a cleaner without taking a copy of their Proof of Identity (passport or picture driving license and Proof of Address (a bill or a bank statement). Clearly you want proof of who is in your home, so that, God forbid, if any honesty problem arises, you know what and who you are dealing with when it comes to reporting the matter to the police etc.

REST ASSURED – SelClene vet and check all their cleaners to ensure that each worker has their Proof of Address and Proof of Identity. In fact SelClene have other tricks up their sleeve to ameliorate and strengthen this identity process.



Make sure you check your cleaner is allowed to work in this country. If they do not have a British or EU passport, they may have a student visa or working visa or British Residency. Again it avoids any stressful situations for you when you find out the worker is actually an illegal immigrant and potentially you could get severely fined by the Immigration Department.

REST ASSURED – SelClene check to ensure all cleaners have a British or a EU passport or they have some proof showing that they are allowed to work in this country, like been given British Residency status.



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Discover 5 Crucial Time Saving Tips When Choosing Your Cleaner

Our simple guide will save you time and ultimately money when choosing a new cleaner.

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