Moving in/out/end of tenancy clean

There comes a time in our lives where our plans change, and we head down new paths. From the memorable life events, we will never forget the feeling of moving house. Whether it is the time in your life where you are finished renting, and are eager to move into the new home you have just purchased. Or maybe you are simply moving down the road, but into a larger, more spacious home. We build our lives in our homes, where we share many thousands of memories, but sometimes it is time to move, and make some new ones. But after those many years in our humble abode, we will require a quick cleanup to ensure the next owner can start new. Selclene Southeast has the perfect team ready to help you with an end of tenancy clean when you move out, or even a fresh new moving in clean before you settle into your new home.

Have you ever ended a tenancy and are looking to get your deposit back? Maybe you have just purchased your first home, and are looking to start a perfectly clean slate. We have a team ready to ensure you the best clean you are looking for.

What do end of tenancy/moving cleans consist of?

Some of the many services we offer are…

Kitchens and bathroom cleaning:

Washing down and disinfecting all worktops, and surfaces

Appliance cleaning, inside and out

Removing grout, grime, and limescale from taps and sinks

Toilet and shower cleaning

De-scaling, and polishing

Floor mopping and sanitising

Mirrors and sinks to be wiped down and spotless


All bedroom furniture/storage cleaned inside and out

Windows and surfaces dusted down completely

Mopping/hoovering floors


Doors and windows dusted and polished

Door handles, knobs, and extras polished and shined

Cleaning the floors, mopping, hoovering, sweeping etc.

Rugs to be maintained

Upholstery cleaning

Skirting board dusting

Bookshelves, cabinets, fireplaces, and table dusting and polishing

Electronic dusting

Selclene Southeast is a family who are driven to ensure you the best possible solution you could ask for. We understand that moving house is a huge chapter in everyone’s lives, so we would like to offer our help and assistance to those jobs that we can not accomplish alone. Whether life is too busy to tackle your home, or you simply would like a professional’s help to guarantee a deep clean, we are here to help you with any and all of your cleaning requests.


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