Amazing Spring Cleaning Tips

spring cleaning

Get ready for spring, with these spring cleaning tips!

The name spring cleaning comes from the sudden and urgent time when people frantically get their houses clean and tidy and ready for the spring and summer months to come. Spring cleaning differs from winter cleaning because its the time of year when we need to freshen up our homes from the long winter months, and get our gardens ready for the flowers to bloom and sun to shine. A good spring cleaning of the house can leave us feeling accomplished, and ready to take on the warm and sunny months, or it can leave us feeling hopeless and stuck in the winter blues forever. With these room by room tips on how to clean your house, you can soon be on your way to a fresh and clean house, without the discouragement that comes from the past cold months. Following our spring cleaning tips and tricks, your home will be sparkling in no time.


Want a fresh new kitchen, in less than an hour? Start by decluttering and tidying away things that are no longer needed for the upcoming months. For example, any winter items, festive decor, and out of date food that is no longer needed in the new year. After tidying away the basics, and clearing up clutter, dishes, and other extra items, you will now have room to tackle the bigger areas. After a quick tidy, you can start to wipe down all appliances, cabinets, cook top, oven, toaster, fridge, and table. With a good wipe down, and dusting, you have already made a significant start to spring cleaning the whole house. Once everything is wiped down, dusted, cleaned, and sanitized, you can proceed to hoover, and mop the floor to finish off the kitchen. If you have extra time, or need, you can wash any cushion covers, oven gloves, curtains, and blinds. It also is a good time to consider if the fabrics, decorations, and appliances are up to date or if they need replacing. And there you have it, a quick way of spring cleaning your kitchen that leaves you ready for the rest of the house!


Blogs bathroom 1A bathroom spring clean can be one of the easiest rooms to tackle. When it comes to spring cleaning the bathroom, the most important part is to sanitize, wipe down, and clean the toilet, sink, shower, and tub. Applying a thick bleach to the toilet, and letting sit for a few hours will have it sparkling in no time! Using a tub and shower cleaner will help to remove stains, freshen, sanitize, and leave looking brand new again extremely fast. By following directions on all cleaners, you will be able to give your whole bathroom the deep clean it needs in no time at all. After you clean the tub, sink, toilet, and shower, you can mop the floor, or wipe down any extra tiles, use a mirror spray on the mirror or glass windows.  Lastly you can tidy up and dust any cabinets or cupboards. Once the bathroom spring cleaning is finished, you can regularly top up on cleaning so you can maintain its lovely look for longer.


When it comes to spring cleaning the bedroom, do not lose hope! Cleaning the bedroom does not have to be back breaking work, when it comes to getting a great clean for the upcoming months. The best way to start spring cleaning is a good wardrobe clear out. (If you need tips and tricks, check out our other blog on how to clear out your wardrobe!).  Puffy parkas, and fuzzy jumpers will be the last thing you need in the warm spring and summer months, so why not put them away? Free up lots of wardrobe space by rotating your winter clothes, for your spring and summer wardrobe. Place winter clothes in the back of your wardrobe, another storage, or give away if you no longer need them. This way, you will have much more room for the clothes you will be wearing in the next few months. Once a good wardrobe clear out is sorted, you can next begin to tidy up the room. Putting away things unneeded, and over all giving a good general clean will help improve the look and feel of a clean and tidy bedroom. After a clear out, you can wipe down and dust any surfaces with cleaning wipes or multi purpose spray, to remove dust, dirt, and any other neglected areas of the room. Once dusting happens, you will be able to remove any bedding, curtains, fabrics, and rugs to be washed in the washing machine, to give a nice, new freshen up. You can give the floor a good clean with a mop, and hoover to make sure you have fully reached any corners and areas that you may have forgotten. Spring cleaning has never been so easy!


Spring Cleaning the rest of the house:

Spring Cleaning

Now that the main rooms have been accomplished, you can then make your way into the rest of your house. Hallways, living rooms, offices, and entry ways can also do with a good spring cleaning. Like the rest of the house, once you give a good tidying and decluttering to any room, it will become much easier to dust, clean, replace, and freshen up the rest of the house. Dusting cabinets, ceiling fans, lights and lamps, bookcases and shelves and windows can remove extra dust and debris that may go unnoticed until they get severe. Hoovering, sweeping, and mopping is a great way to reach those extra areas under cabinets and sofas that we may forget have trapped dust and dirt over those long winter months. Once the areas are tidied, cleaned, and freshened up, you can give a few quick sprays throughout the house with a room deodorizer spray to add extra freshness after all the rooms are accomplished.

When it comes to spring cleaning, people tend to think the worst. Spring cleaning the whole house does not need to be something you do not look forward to after every winter. By giving a good and thorough clean to all rooms of the house, you will be able to get your house in top shape to welcome the much warmer spring months. By routinely giving a quick clean every week or so, you will be making sure your house does not need an extreme clean again. Regularly tidying, cleaning, and freshening the house will leave you enjoying more time in your home, and less time cleaning it!

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