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Selclene Southeast no only offer all the usual residential cleaning jobs you would come to expect from a cleaning company but we can also offer waste clearance from your home or garden.  We have some great deals at the moment to help you with a whole array of cleaning tasks.  If you are thinking of tackling these tasks yourself then please continue reading and we will give away some insider tips to de-clutter your home and outside space.

More space should mean bigger useful spaces… but sometimes they just collect shed or garage clutter. If you have a garage, chances are it is the dumping ground for old broken appliances, litres of unneeded paint, and a breeding ground for all those little vermin. When you next need to cut the lawn, instead of searching through shed or garage clutter, why don’t you give it a quick clean, de-clutter the garage and make finding things easy?

Selclene has compiled 10 top tips for easy garage and shed organising – we’ll show you how to de-clutter your garage.


1. Figure out a time to get to sorting

By designating a free weekend towards dealing with garage clutter, you can plan to make sure you have the time, help, and motivation to clean. It’s also one of the most cheap ways to organise garage. Designate a weekend where you have no plans, except cleaning and organising the garage. By making sure you have time free, you are allowing yourself plenty of time to get the job done, and who knows… you may be able to have an extra set of hands free at home that weekend as well! Get your family involved by making it a fun weekend, filled with hard work of removing garage clutter, then a reward at the end like a movie night, take away, or ice cream for pudding. This way, you will have more hands to help get the job finished faster!


clutter PIXABAYsponge-521132. Empty all the shed or garage clutter

As easy as it sounds, it is important to clear everything out of the area, so you can give the floors a good sweep. By emptying the area first, moving everything out into the drive or garden, you can easily allow room to dust, sweep, or hoover any floors and windows that may have accumulated a few spider webs and dirt over the years.



3. Sort through the garage clutter

Once you removed everything into the drive or garden, you can allow yourself to see what you have collected over the years. You may have completely forgotten that about that sprinkler you bought last summer, but now you may see that it is damaged and rusty. Time to realise and decide what is to be kept, and what is to be thrown out.


4. Get storage boxes

The difference between random garage clutter and useful stuff being kept for a rainy day is to bring some sort of order to the room. If there is room in your garage or shed, it will be worth it to invest in storage shelves, and plastic boxes. By setting up a wall of shelves, you can buy plastic boxes to keep small items in. You will quickly realise how effective this is when you are searching for something and know exactly where it is! Storage boxes are also the best way to ensure that the things you keep in your garage or shed stay in the best possible state.


5. Donate items you do not need

One person’s garage clutter is another’s treasure. The best way to get rid of things you don’t want, but still may be in great condition is to donate items. If something has a significance to you, it will be a great idea to not throw it away, but instead to check around and see if you know anyone who would put it to good use. That way, if you come across a box of old baby toys from when you were born, you may be heartbroken to give it to charity. If you have a sentimental value to anything, but do not need it anymore, then find a family member or friend who will put your precious item to good use. If you have things that are still in working condition, but you do not want to sell or give away, then pack a box up and take it to your nearest charity shop for someone else to use.


FREEIMAGESclean-14263686. Sell items you do not want

Once again: one person’s garage clutter is another’s treasure. If you come across working items, that cost you a fortune, then maybe you can try to get some of your money back by selling it second hand. Places like Ebay, Gumtree, and different home sale sights love to sell your items to locals in your area.

7. Designate places for large items

Big stuff can still be garage clutter – and sorting the big stuff first is a useful technique for organising a garage clutter. When it comes down to what you want to keep, large items are best stored where you know you have them. Designate a specific corner or section of your garage or shed to those big items like lawn mowers, power tools, shovels, rakes, and so on. By keeping them in a specific spot that is easy to access, you will always have these items on hand and ready to use.

8. Throw out everything else

Pack up big black bin bags full of everything else you do not use, need, or want. This is the essence of garage clutter. Toss everything in the bin if you have things that are broken, not complete sets, or missing parts.

9. Maintain a routine clean

Shed and garage clutter builds up over time unless you stick to a regular routine. When you take something out of the garage or shed, make sure you return it to its location. That way, you turn your garage into an organised storage area, rather than into a dumping ground. Clean your garage or shed often, and treat it as if it were a room in your house. You wouldn’t let your living room go unorganised and hectic would you? So why let your garage or shed?

10. Give your garage or shed some TLC

You may think of your garage or shed as a dirty storage area, when in reality it needs just as much attention as any other room in your house. Make your garage a safe and organised place you store important things, instead of a dirty and cluttered area to throw unwanted things.


SelClene South East is here to help with any domestic cleaning and waste clearance jobs you may have! From cleaning windows, removing stains, or removing shed or garage clutter, Selclene has you covered!  Call us today on: 020 8698 6953 and speak to one of our friendly staff to discuss your requirements or email us:

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