Living Room Cleaning: how to clean your living room – and quickly!

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When your own house or flat has a private living room, you may not treat living room cleaning the same way than if it was a shared living room. It’s not necessarily a dirty living room, but it’s one where clutter, rubbish, and dust has built up over the days. This is something that easily happens when you are not required to constantly pick up after yourself like when you live in a shared space. A simple way to maintain your home is to regularly do small cleaning and chores throughout the days, so at the end of each week you do not need to have a big and thorough clean up.

Six steps for Living Room Cleaning

Here, we have included a short living room cleaning checklist to regularly keep your living room tidy, to save you having to constantly have a weekly clear up!

Cleaning as you go…

  • Throughout the week, try to maintain a regular living room cleaning schedule for your home by tidying up as you go. This includes picking up dishes, rubbish, and any things you have brought into the room immediately after you finish using it. By bringing your dirty dinner plate into the kitchen as soon as you are done eating, you stop the chance of forgetting about it, which will result in a dirty plate left for days before it is finally taken care of.
  • Throw out any rubbish that you see on tables, cupboards, and on the floor. Old chocolate wrappers, and crisp packets are clearly rubbish and should be thrown out immediately and are all quick ways to kick start living room cleaning.
  • Put away things that do not belong in the living room. If you notice a DVD on the table, put it where it belongs. If you see you have a pair of shoes, a coat that needs to be hung up, or your child’s toy that belongs in their bedroom. By sorting everything out, and spending time living room cleaning little and often, you begin to make sure that your living room consists of everything needed in the living room, and does not start to build up with clutter from other parts of the house.

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Dusting and Vacuum Cleaning your Living Room

  • The next thing to do when it comes to living room cleaning is to dust and sweep. First start by dusting all curtains, windows, shelves, and high to reach areas. By doing all of the dusting before you sweep or hoover, you are allowing the dust to fall to the ground, before you remove it with a broom or vacuum. After you dust the entire room, you can next get out a broom or hoover to go around all of the corners and area of the floors or carpets. This is the best way to remove the biggest issue when it comes to a living room cleaning. If you are using a hoover, you can even take the hoover to the couch or chair cushions to get every last crevice and crack that may become filled with dust, food, and any other debris.
  • The next step in maintaining living room cleaning is to wipe down all surfaces. After you have tidied away, swept, and removed all clutter and rubbish, you can begin to go around the room with a cleaning solution. Here you can start by wiping down all shelves and tables with either a multi purpose home cleaner that is safe for living room cleaning, or if you do not own any cleaning solutions you can wipe down all surfaces with water on a cloth. If you have wood furniture, you can use a special wood cleaning polish, if you have a TV and electronics, you can use an appliance cleaning spray, and if you have sofas, or a mirror, you can use specific sprays for those if you own them. By spraying and wiping down all areas, you are ridding your living room from dirt, dust, spills, and residue that should not be there.

The Last Living Room Cleaning Step is Nearly no Step At All

  • living room cleaning toolsThe last step we have to suggest for living room cleaning is to choose one or two of these steps to do per day. This does not mean to follow all 5 steps above every single day. No one has time to deep clean their home every day after work, so we suggest that you rotate a schedule every day or two with one or two of these steps. By setting up a living room cleaning schedule to do small jobs daily, you prevent yourself from having to have a big deep clean one day at the end of a busy week. No one wants to spend their entire week at work, just to have a big clean every weekend.

By sticking to a regular schedule of small cleaning jobs throughout the living room, and even home, you can spend less time having a big clean up, and more time using your living room for actual living. We hope you find these living room cleaning tips helpful, and if you need more tips and help, call SelClene and we will tackle the problem!

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