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Most households today have at least one pet, and have to deal with pet cleaning household chores, both big or small. We love our animals and cherish them like a member of our family, yet we could all benefit from focusing on pet cleaning when it comes to our furry family members. SelClene Southeast is here to help you maintain a happy and healthy furry family home in Sydenham, Southeast London. We have seen it all, animal hair all over every surface, scratch and chew marks on beloved furniture, and even the awful smells left by our playful pets.  We offer a whole array of domestic cleaning services so give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly staff about some great offers we currently have for all of our house cleaning services.  Please also read on as we give away some trade secrets to getting rid of pet hair and smells.

Pet Cleaning: Hair and Fur

The main purpose of pet cleaning is dealing with the most common problem: pets shedding hair. You love your pets, but you don’t love their debris. Whether brown, black, white, long, or short, pet hair be stubborn, annoying, unhygienic, and allergenic. There is nothing worse than constantly feeling like you’re being swarmed by clouds of fuzz in your home. Pet cleaning regimes need to manage hair that finds its way onto anything: sofas, chairs, clothing, floors. A few ways to make sure that you keep on top of the pet cleaning crises are, keep up with your hoovering, maintain a regular animal grooming routine, keeping a stock of basic pet cleaning supplies and even limit the areas of the house your furry family are allowed into. When it comes to buying a vacuum, it makes sense to buy a good quality appliance that you know will last and do the trick. Some vacuums today are even equipped with special pet hair filters or attachments to pick up the most stubborn of animal hair, making pet cleaning a breeze. Regularly hoovering the floors and furniture in your house will soon enough look remarkably different.

Pet Cleaning Furniture

Cleaning at the source: pet grooming

Maintaining a regular animal grooming schedule is also another trick that is very effective as part of a pet cleaning strategy. It may not seem obvious…rather than looking at ways to reduce the pet hair in the house, instead remove hair from pets before it gets shed! Well when we brush our pets outside regularly, that’s a lot less hair that will be shed when your animal returns into the house.

Reducing the pet cleaning area

Another trick for reducing the amount of pet cleaning in your home is to simply limit the areas in the house that your pet is allowed to go. If you allow your dog to sleep on your bed in the day, they will leave hair all over your soon-to-be sleeping area. Maybe it is time to reconsider sharing all of the house with your pet. Buying a pet bed specifically for your animal, and reducing the access to the living room furniture, and bedroom will significantly cut back on the amount of pet hair to be dealt with.

Scratches and Chew Marks

Cats are always and forever scratching to sharpen their claws. That may mean that they are using your nice leather sofa to dig their claws into the side. With that being said, the best way to tackle cats scratching at nice furniture is to buy a scratching post. Cats love to dig their nails into any sort of hard surface, so buying a cat scratching post will help them have their own personal habitat that it is alright if they decided they want to dig their claws into it. Dogs on the other hand tend to chew on woodwork, and items that are not theirs. If you have a dog that seems to not know the difference between dog toys, and your beautiful wooden chair legs, then you can easily find chew stoppers. Chew stoppers are an animal safe spray that is designed to create a bad taste in your animals mouth. You spray the product on any area that your pet likes to gnaw at, and soon enough the next time they go to chew, they will have an unpleasant taste in their mouth, making them stay away from chewing your furniture. So this area of household chores is less about pet cleaning and more about damage prevention in the first place.

Pet Odour

Pet Cleaning MudPet owners know that most of the time its not easy to keep your house smelling fresh and clean. Your pet probably loves to run around outside like most do (see this blog post’s star Betsy). You know what its like to have muddy paw prints throughout the house, as mucky pups bring their outdoor adventures into your clean home. Regular pet cleaning habits will greatly lessen the problem of filthy animals in your home, as your pets learn that a clean dog is much more welcome than a dog covered in mud and muck. By regularly bathing your animals, you are able to avoid your home picking up those harsh outdoor smells and stains caused by your adventurous animals. If bathing your animal isn’t a suitable pet cleaning method, you can buy pet cleaning wipes, disinfectant sprays, pet deodorisers, and even antibacterial solutions to apply directly to the affected area.

When owning a pet, they truly are a part of the family. They are our furry family members, who need love and care like any human in your household. They may not understand the messes that they leave in your home, but there are simple ways to make sure you can keep your house tidy, while keeping them around. If house training is a problem, you can buy training pads and litter boxes to obviate the need for cleaning pet urine from your floors and make sure that when your animals need to go, it will somewhere easily cleaned.

If you have had a pet-created mishap, SelClene Southeast is on hand to help with cleaning pet stains on carpet or upholstery with an array of pet cleaning products* in the Sydenham, Southeast London area. You can contact us by email at or call us on 020 8698 6953.


*Betsy not included.

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