The perfect household cleaning kit

Have you ever gone to find a cleaning solution under the sink and realized you have hundreds of bottles, half used, some empty, some never used at all? And when you do find what you need, you can’t find a cloth or brush to use with it? There is nothing worse than not having the right equipment to get a job done, so here is Selclene’s recommendations to put together the perfect household cleaning kit. Everything you’ll need to get every job done!

To put together the perfect household cleaning kit, you will want to start fresh, and head to the shops to pick up everything you need. Get rid of those old bottles cluttering under the sink, and start brand new. (Unless you cannot afford a cupboard full of new cleaning products, save what you have and dispose of the things you do not need, as well as making a list of things you are running low on.)

Shopping List for The Perfect Household Cleaning Kit:

– A plastic caddy (cleaning caddy, plastic storage box, or a plastic crate)

– A great multipurpose surface cleaner, try a disinfectant surface cleaning spray.

– A bottle of window and glass cleaner, for all of our windows and mirrors.

– A small feather duster, or dusting cloth

– A couple microfibre cloths for multiple uses

– A good shower cleaner, for removing mould/mildew

– A bottle of toilet cleaner

– A small bottle of bleach

– A small box of baking soda

– A small dustpan and broom

– A stain remover stick for clothing stains

– Fabric freshener or an air freshener spray

– Wood cleaning spray

– A hard/soft bristle brush for cleaning sofas and upholstery

– An electronic friendly cleaning spray for tvs/radios

– A couple sponges or scourers

– A pair of sturdy cleaning gloves if needed.

Sometimes we need to start brand new with our cleaning equipment, and rid our cupboards of the old and unused. Here you can hold onto the Selclene shopping list for the perfect household cleaning kit. Filling up a plastic box or caddy with brand new cleaning products will allow less time fiddling around trying to find the right products to use. Now you can start all of your household cleaning jobs off the right way!

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