Organizing under the kitchen sink

As we were speaking in our previous blogs about arranging our kitchens to create a more comfortable and easy to use space.. we’d like to go further with a few other tips and carry on with our home cleaning by organising under the kitchen sink also.

When it comes to looking for kitchen sprays, scrubbing pads or cleaning cloths we all know where they are usually kept in someone’s house. That special cupboard under the kitchen sink is the designated storage area for any sort of kitchen cleaner, sprays, and bottles that most of the time we do not even remember we have. By organizing under the kitchen sink, you can check and see what you still have that may be needed, or you can see what you can clear out and make space in that crowded cupboard.

What’s under the cupboard?

Usually, under the kitchen sink is where we throw all of those harmful kitchen cleaning sprays, solutions, and disinfectants. We will be able to find anything from all purpose kitchen sprays, to things like disinfectant wipes, bleaches, bug sprays, oven and stove top cleaner, and dishwasher or washing machine tablets and liquids.

Under the kitchen sink…

…can be one of the most harmful places in the house for little children, with hands that want to grab everything, and mouths that want to taste what they find. If you have young children in your house, they are very active and like to explore, especially those out of bounds cupboards, when you have your back turned for a few seconds, your little ones might get themselves into trouble if they investigate under the kitchen sink. When you have little children in your house, it is a smart and extremely safe idea to place toddler proof locks on any cupboards or cabinets in your home that are best of reach areas for children.

Alcohol cabinets, tools and sheds, glassware and china cabinets, and cleaning solution cupboards like under the kitchen sink,

are the best places to place locks to make sure your young children are not getting themselves into any trouble. You can find and buy online, cheap stick on locks, that you place inside the cupboards, and need to use a special key to unlock the inside. You can also find locks that go around the handles of cupboards, that have special unlocking instructions to make sure that children are unable to pry their fingers into harmful chemicals.

What do you still need under the cupboard?

Sorting through what you keep under the cupboard is a helpful way to see what you have left to work with, what you need to buy more of, and what you haven’t used and can throw out immediately to free up space in your cupboards. The most helpful things to keep, or make sure you have are things like disinfectant spray, multi purpose cleaning solutions, antibacterial wipes, kitchen cleaning sprays like oven and stove cleaner, and any sort of bleaches or sink cleaners. When you look through and find what you need, you can make space by removing the products that you no longer use or are empty. Keeping dishwasher tablets, washing machine powder or tablets, and washing up liquids, sponges, and cleaning brushes is also a good idea to have under the kitchen sink.

What can be thrown out?

When sorting out any cupboard, or cabinet, sometimes all you need to do is have a big clear out by throwing things in the big. By throwing out any old items that have no longer been used, are no longer going to be used, or are unable to be used, then the best advice is to throw them out. Make note of what you are running low on so you can make sure to stock up and be prepared for when you run out of things like washing up liquid, cleaning supplies, and sponges and cloths.You can begin to toss things in the big that are either past expiration date, almost empty, you have a few of, or are ready to be thrown out from old age or use.

By topping up and freshening up the cupboard under the kitchen sink, you will be able to start new when it comes to do your home cleaning. You will have space for more products, you will have an update on your old products, and you will know exactly what you have and still need to buy. Making sure under your kitchen sink is a well organised, and maintained cupboard, you are able to clean up with less hassle. The best clean you can give your house, starts with having a well organized, and stocked cleaning supply cupboard.

If you get stuck or simply don’t have enough time to organise  your kitchen, give us a call at 02086986953 and our domestic cleaning specialists will be right there for you!



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