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Selclene Southeast have reliable effective solutions to ensuring you never come in to an untidy office.  As the saying goes…”a tidy work environment = a tidy mind”.  Give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a competitive commercial cleaning quote for any size office that you require cleaning services at.  We cover the whole of Southeast London and have many cleaners to hand that will work wonders with your untidy office.  In the meantime please continue reading and we will reveal our tips and tricks for keeping your office tidy.


Do you dread office cleaning, even going into your cluttered and unorganised mess of an office every day? Do you get tired of losing important papers, and constantly misplacing your pen and notepad? If you’ve decided it’s time for an office turn around, look no further! SelClene has compiled a few simple, yet effective tips and recommendations to make office cleaning easy and ensure you never feel like your office clutter is taking over your life.

office cleaning PIXABAYvacuum-cleaner-268179Places like offices, bedrooms, and kitchens are so much more enjoyable to be in when you’re not fighting your way through 3 foot tall stacks of clutter. If tidying your bedroom is such a weekly chore, then why do we tend to neglect office cleaning for our work spaces? Where you work all day, every day, should be treated just the same as the place where you sleep every night. Office cleaning services can make your work space a much more pleasant place to be, but if you plan on going solo, read on for our tips.

It’s important to remember that the most important things throughout your day should be within arms reach while sitting down at your desk. This is best advised for pens, a note pad, computer, keyboard, mouse, phone, a bottle of water, and a family photo or a decorative item to look at. By keeping the most important things an arms reach away, you will realise that your desk looks so much more organised, de-cluttered and enjoyable to spend the day at.


Keep Weekly Paperwork Close, Daily Paperwork Closer

The next thing that is important to remember is to actually spend a little time organising and sorting where things belong. Buy a couple of large file folders to title and label for your important paperwork. It is important to file papers that are old, new, crucial, and then throw out anything you don’t need. Messy desks stem mostly from out of date paperwork that could have been thrown out months ago, and office cleaning gets easier as you minimise out-dated paperwork. Draw up an office cleaning and de-cluttering checklist, and spend some time to designate specific shelves with file folders or a file cabinet, to be able to save all the important papers you need, while simultaneously throwing out the papers you don’t need to clear up lots of space.



Storing Stationery and Office Cleaning Materials

When organising the office, you will of course need a place to store all of your supplies. To keep your desk and work space tidy, you should designate a specific drawer for all of your office supplies that is needed, but not regularly. Start by emptying a unused desk drawer, and filling it with important things like a stapler, hole punch, tape, pens, scissors, a ruler, a calculator, etc. Don’t forget the office cleaning materials! By designating an entire desk drawer just for your office supplies, you eliminate the clutter on your desk, while also keeping everything tidy and organised in a place you know exactly where to look when you need it.


Keeping Office Cleaning Under Control with a Regular Schedule

And last but not least when it comes to organising your office space, it is key to ALWAYS remember to give a last straighten up and sort out at the end of the day before you go home. A little daily office cleaning goes a long way. If you have just finished a days work, and have finished papers piled up, and everything spread out… take some time at the end of your day to file those papers away. By spending the last few minutes of your day sorting where papers go, and redistributing items to their correct location, then you will have a much more organised desk, that will prepare you for the next work day.

By de-cluttering and adding a sense of system to your office space, you will know exactly where you have put everything, and will never have a panic when you’re on an important phone call, and do not have a pen and paper within reach. SelClene South East has many excellent cleaners for domestic cleaning jobs and office cleaning jobs. We are here to help with all of your home and office cleaning needs!  Call us on: 020 8698 6953 or drop us an email to: and we will be happy to discuss any commercial or domestic cleaning needs that you have.


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