New kitchen checklist!

There comes a time in almost everyone’s lives where we experience what it is like to move home’s.

Whether that means moving out at 18 and living in university dorms, sharing a flat with friends when we’re 25 or our very first flat or home that is ours once we settle down. Whatever the case, we all come to a point in our lives where we start brand new in an exciting new environment. So instead of living in our new place without proper cutlery for 3 months, why not prepare in advance to make sure we have everything we need, or may need in your new kitchen.

We have thought of some kitchen basics, so you do not show up on moving day and realize you’re missing plates for dinner.

First of all a new brand apron to make you fell a real chef!

Proper cutlery: Forks, spoons, butter knives, tea spoons, steak knives

Bowls: Bowls for cereals, soup, salad or anything else

Plates: Two sizes, small and large for when you eat breakfast compared to dinner

Mugs: Enough mugs for tea when you have company over

Tea pot: So you can invite friends over for a cup of tea in your new home

Frying pan, and sauce pans: Always needed for your stove top cooking

Baking trays, or a casserole dish: Perfect for sticking dinner in the oven

A large metal pot: Perfect for boiling water for pasta

Knife Block: You can find these for good quality at places like IKEA or kitchen stores

Cutting board: Wooden, or plastic both work just as fine

Tin opener: There is nothing worse than not having a tin opener, when you need it

Bottle opener: new kitchen = house warming party = bottles of alcohol = bottle opener needed!

Tongs: For pasta, meats, and anything else you like to cook

Spatula: Perfect for the oven or frying pan

Serving spoons: Large spoons for dishing up dinner

Scissors: Always needed for opening packaging

Scales: In case you decided to do some baking or cooking from scratch

Ladle: Although this is rarely needed, it is always important to have in case you need one

Garlic press: Perfect for pressing garlic when cooking dinner

Cheese grater: Some cheese graters come with multiple different sides for different grating styles

Potato masher: How are you going to make mash without a masher?!

Vegetable peeler: How will you peel the potatoes for your mash in the first place?!

Measuring cups and spoons: Always important for baking and recipes

Salt & pepper: Salt and pepper are always needed in a kitchen, either on the table or used for cooking

For a starter kitchen, it is always important to have everything you need, and slowly build up your kitchen collection month by month. Depending how often you cook, and if you are cooking homemade or just heating up the basics, it is always a good idea to have your starter kitchen prepared for everything. With the list above, you can check to see what you have before moving into your new kitchen, to allow yourself time before you panic and realize what you are missing.

salt & pepper- domestic cleaning

Moving into a new home is always exciting, so with tips from Selclene, you can ensure your move is prepared and organized!

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