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We cover house cleaning services in Brockley, South East London and over the years we’ve been asked for help in getting rid of just about every stain you can think of and one of the most common is how do I remove ink stains.

Rules for general stain removal and how to remove ink stains

Whether you live in Brockley or not, as a general rule there are three things you should consider, not just with ink stains, but for any stain you’re trying to get rid of:

1. Always act as quickly as you possibly can. Forget trying to look cool by saying to everyone “Hey don’t worry, it’s just an old shirt” (or whatever). If you act fast there’s a very good chance you can save the the item in question. If you leave it until the stain has ‘bonded’ with the material the job will be much more difficult or even impossible.

2. Apply an absorbent paper tissue or cloth to the area to soak up as much of the stain as possible.

3. Remember – Do not get over enthusiastic and rub ink stains harder than necessary. We see more damage caused by over enthusiastic rubbing than anything else. Remove ink stains from cotton with light pressure, as this is all will you need to lift the stain. When vigorous rubbing removes a stain it’s usually because all of the contaminated fibres have literally been torn off. This is doing more harm than good.

Tricks on getting ink out of clothes, fabrics and even photographs

REMOVE INK STAINS TIP 1 (ink stains – removal from fabric)

When it comes to getting ink stains out of fabrics, the quickest method is a cotton wool bud dipped in methylated spirits. Many people complain that they don’t have methylated spirits in the house because it’s not used for anything else. The trick is to buy a small bottle from your local DIY store (it costs very little) and keep it under the sink for when you need it. Methylated spirit isn’t just used to remove ink stains – it’s one of the most versatile cleaning products you can buy. (example:  it ‘s absolutely brilliant for cleaning all the gum and wax off your windscreen wipers to ensure so that you always have a smear free windscreen).

HOW TO REMOVE INK STAINS TIP 2 (Remove ink off clothes)

One of the worst stains to deal with is trying to remove set in ink stains out of clothes. To remove ink stains or biro marks out of a shirt or blouse, first gently rub the area affected with neat washing up liquid for about 60 seconds. Then lift off the biro mark with the blade of a sharp knife. Modern washing powders will easily remove any remaining light in stains or light marks. Again always act as quickly as you can – ideally when the stain is still wet. An alternative method (and one my mother used when I was a child) was to soak the ink stains in a little milk for about thirty minutes and then throw it into a normal wash. Try to do this while the stain is still wet. It will still work when the ink stain has dried but let it soak in the milk a bit longer.

HOW TO REMOVE INK STAINS TIP 3 (removing ink stains from photographs)

To remove ink stains from a photograph, rub the ink stains very gently with some silver polish and then rub gently with cotton wool. The mark will disappear in seconds. Most important – only use a very small amount of polish and don’t be over enthusiastic. It’s far better to do it lightly for just a few seconds (and then repeat if necessary) rather than rub too hard and break the photo surface.

And if you think your ink stains are bad, pity the mother of three who phoned us last week to say she left the room for two minutes only to find on her return that a life-size picture of “mummy’ had been drawn on the newly decorated lounge wall – and yes, thankfully, we did manage to get it all out before hubby got home!

Remove ink stains – and much more. We offer house cleaning services in Brockley, South East London as well as many other areas in South east London

We like to think we’re not just experts on how to remove ink stains, so for more details on all of our cleaning services in Brockley and how we can help you keep your property looking it’s best, please click here.

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