Hiring a Cleaner – The Pro’s and Con’s

Traditionally and historically, we have always seen cleaners as being unskilled and uneducated or the fact that only the rich and the middle classes hired a cleaner. Even Downton Abby has had to let some of their staff go in the last series and left to fend for themselves! Oh no, the very thought of it!

The UK domestic cleaning sector has grown slowly over the years and the facts speak for themselves: London hires more domestic cleaners than anywhere else in the UK and there is a direct link to high property prices and higher wages that might be the reason for that, but it also shows that old prejudices and the stigma attached to being a cleaner is disappearing. It’s good money, it’s local, it’s straightforward and it fits into a manageable timetable that suits both cleaner and client. It’s not rocket science, but let me tell you, recruiting good reliable cleaners is hard work! We support our cleaners with emotional and ongoing holistic support and we are always available for them 24-7.  We are always there for clients’ too and meeting their cleaning needs at the drop of a hat.

Today you will find a dearth of male and female cleaners from all ages and walks of life, even full time mothers, who literally juggle their kids whilst doing a balancing act at the same time to get to cleaning jobs, which is amazing to be honest. Selclene prides itself in working closely with our clients and cleaners to ensure a snug fit and a professional service.

It’s not about social status or how much you earn: everybody these days hires a cleaner at some point. From our own experience of delivering cleaning services across SE London for over 20 years, once you hire a cleaner you build trust in their ability skill and they can become like a member of the family if treated with dignity and respect.

At Christmas, clients might give cleaners a present or give them a big tip and that’s acceptable. Shouting and screaming at them is not acceptable or acting amorously and following them around the house is a definite no-go. Some of the stories our cleaners could tell you would make you cringe but the thing is they don’t: discretion and integrity are what make our cleaners special and professionalism underpins our ethos and the high standards we adhere to.

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