Garden Cleaning: summer-proofing your garden

garden cleaning

Garden Cleaning

When spring rolls around, we have a few things on our minds… planning summer holidays, spring cleaning the house, and even doing some garden cleaning ready for summer! Summer would not be complete, unless we spend every minute of sun we get in the garden with a cool drink and good company. Backyard barbeques, garden parties, and relaxing in the sun are all summer musts, so as soon as the weather begins to switch into spring, it is time to get outside and concentrate on garden cleaning ready for summer.

Getting your garden ready for the sun

Wheelbarrow garden cleaning

As the winter months come to an end, we start to notice how drab and dull gardens can look outside without all of the fresh green and colourful flowers. Shops start to sell spring bulbs, flowers, garden decor and accessories, which brings an overall excitement to do some garden cleaning just in time for the summer. First thing you will want to do in order to make sure your garden is in shape for the upcoming months is to give everything a good tidy and clean. By digging up old, dead plants, removing any dead and fallen leaves, branches, sticks, and tidying the garden of any animal waste, you will start to see a big difference in the overall tired look of your garden. After all of the debris and garden waste is taken care of, you can remove any furniture, garden decor, or plant pots in order to make space to sweep, or hose down any patio tiles or decking. After this garden cleaning and de-cluttering exercise, you can then start adding back into your garden.

Re-populating your garden space

After this is done, you can begin to assemble your garden how you would like it. You may even want to think about bigger changes to the garden, for instance, maybe this is the year to finally replace the garden furniture to a new table and chair set, or maybe it is the year to buy a new barbeque and tile an area for a patio. Now is the best time to make any changes you would like to your garden before the hot months hit.

Adding greenery

After all furnishings to your garden are sorted, you can start to make your garden look more suitable for spring and summer by freshening up the lifeless and old plants. Spring is the perfect time to plant bulbs in time for summer, buy new shrubs, or even plant a tree! When it comes to getting your garden ready for summer, nothing does the job more than some colourful flowers, and a few bright green trees. By planting bulbs into new soil or compost, you will slowly begin to see your garden come alive in the next few months. If you would like to see noticeable growth in your garden, you can even buy some ready grown plants in decorative  pots to add a nice and clean touch to your garden. These pots are also easy to maintain with a seasonal garden cleaning session.

Finishing Touches

Once all furnishings are clean and in place, the garden is swept and cleaned of any debris, and all bulbs, flowers, and plants are planted you can give your garden one last hose down to make sure the new growth has a good start. The best bit about garden cleaning is that once all the dirty garden jobs are done, you can decorate the garden as you please. Maybe hang some fairy lights for the night time outdoor dinners, or invest in some new decorations for the lawn, plant pots, or tables.

Enjoying the fruits of your labour: garden cleaning for the summer

Garden patio - garden cleaning

When all of these steps are taken, you will begin to see a huge difference in the life of your garden. Buy doing a few little dirty jobs, some tidying, and maybe some new purchases, your garden will be in tip top shape to take on those late night garden parties coming up in the summer.

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