How to defrost a freezer easily

Defrosting your freezer

How to Defrost a Freezer Easily

To defrost a freezer (unless you have a self defrosting freezer/fridge), you may imagine a puddle of icy water on the kitchen floor. It doesn’t have to be that way, if you follow these basics on how to successfully and effectively defrost and clean your freezer with our defrosting freezer tips, you will be laughing. Simple!

What you will need:

  • a small bucket or bowl
  • towels
  • a spatula
  • boiling water

Don’t forget, it’s never advisable to defrost freezer without turning off  the power! The first thing you must remember before you defrost a freezer is to always turn off the appliance. This will save energy while you spend time with the freezer door open. You will also want to make sure you cover your kitchen floor around the freezer with old towels, cloths, or newspaper, to prevent those icy puddles you then have to wait to dry up, if you are defrosting an upright freezer.


You want to make sure that when defrosting a chest freezer or an upright freezer, it needs to be as empty as possible.  Before you defrost a freezer, removing all food, and place it into a cool box. Alternatively an insulated lunch box would be ideal. You want to make sure you keep your frozen food well chilled while you work on defrosting your freezer quickly. You will also want to remove any shelves, ice cube tray, plastic doors, or drawers that can be taken out and placed aside in the kitchen sink or dishwasher for cleaning when defrosting your freezer.


Once your freezer is switched off and empty of all shelves, you can begin defrosting your freezer, if you are unfortunate enough to have one of the non self defrosting freezers in your kitchen. You can use a combination of these methods to make it easier to defrost a freezer. Through these methods you can cut the time it takes to do the job in half, so you do not need to spend your day holding a hair dryer to the freezer.

Defrost a Freezer

Method one: Ways to defrost a freezer 

The most relaxed way to defrost a freezer is to use boiling water. Pour enough boiling hot water into a deep baking tray, bowl, or pan. Place a towel on the bottom of the freezer, and place the container of boiling water on top of the towel. Here you can now close the freezer door, and allow the steam to circulate throughout the freezer, causing thick ice to begin to melt. You can replace the water with new boiling water after 20 minutes (effectively allowing you to watch the freezer defrosting itself), then repeat the steps again and wait for the ice to completely melt. Or you can let sit for 20 minutes, then open the door and use one of the following methods to make it easier to defrost a freezer.

Method two:Defrost a freezer fast

 Another way of defrost a freezer is to place a spatula into a pan of boiling water. Let sit for a couple of minutes to warm up. You can also hold onto the spatula with an oven glove, and hold over an open flame on a hob etc. With a protected hand, you can use the warm spatula to begin to melt away the chunks of ice where necessary. Reheat the spatula when needed and repeat step.


Method three: If a hair dryer is your preferred method to defrost a freezer, then you can easily and safely use it switched on a high heat. Tips to remember when using a hair dryer is to not let the nose of the dryer touch any plastic in the freezer, coils, or metal. Focus on one small area at a time, so you do not cause damage to your freezer or hair dryer.

 Defrost a freezer – Clean up Tips

By using one, or a combination of these methods to defrost a freezer, you will soon be able to melt or chip away at all thick ice surrounding the insides of your freezer. If you hold a towel and mop up excess water as you go, and drain in the kitchen sink, you will be able to prevent getting water everywhere. Once you have removed all ice and water, you will be able to clean the insides of the freezer. You can use a clean towel and optional cleaning product to wipe away any spills, messes, and stains. Make sure you completely dry the inside of the freezer before turning back on. This will prevent the freezer from forming any new ice straight away. Once you finish defrosting, cleaning, and drying your freezer, you are ready to turn it back on. Check the seal to make sure nothing is causing it to lose cold air, to prevent thick ice. Turn the freezer back on, and now you are ready to transfer your food back in, and use as normal again.
The last tip to defrost a freezer is to make sure you do it as often as possible. If you begin to see a slight area of ice building up, take action defrosting your freezer straight away. This will help prevent thick ice from forming, which is the main cause for tricky freezer defrosting.


If all else fails or you have not got the time, give SelClene a call to defrost a freezer for you while you sit down and relax!

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