Decking Cleaning – Get it looking brand new again !

Decking cleaning

Decking cleaning is essential maintenance,and brings a new lease of life to alfresco living. After spending hundreds, even thousands on that brand new garden decking you always wanted, its heartbreaking when it starts showing wear and tear. Decking is a big investment, that anyone would love to have, so maintaining that new look should not have to cost an arm and a leg. By following these cheap and easy decking cleaning tips & tricks, we will help you make sure your decking is protected and as good as new for many years to come!

 Why should I maintain my decking?

Considering how expensive it is to add decking to your garden, it is not something that you should neglect, if you want to get your money’s worth out of it. A healthy garden is a happy garden, where you can relax, enjoy, and spend quality time in, which includes your decking! When decking cleaning, it is best to make sure you do it at least twice a year. Once in the spring, to get ready to spend the summer months using it, and also once more in the autumn, so your decking is well prepared to take on those cold, harsh, winter months. It is best to do decking cleaning as often as you can. Those rainy London days will not only water your garden, but they will also harbor and grow mould and mildew on your beautiful decking, making it slippery and unsightly. When you neglect to do  decking cleaning, it begins to rot away, and lose its original purpose, so it is in any decking owner’s best interest to make sure that it is in tip top shape, with a regular decking cleaning routine.

Decking Cleaning – Mould and Mildew

Decking cleaning 2With those unpredictable rainy days we get in the UK, it is no surprise that our gardens tend to look slippery and soaked. When it rains outside, and soaks the decking, mould and mildew begin to form and coat a slimy surface of algae and fungi that make it a slippery nightmare to walk on. Not only does it make your decking slippery, but over time, that mould and mildew will begin to grow rapidly, which will quickly begin to rot and decay your wood decking boards. When mould and mildew begin to decay your decking, the wood becomes soft, and will in time begin to crumble and break apart. Leaving you with unsafe, damaged decking which will cost much more than you imagined. By giving a good scrub with a hard bristled brush, and a bucket of warm, soapy water, you can further remove any signs of mould and mildew, before they take over and become an even bigger problem. Another way of going about decking cleaning is to either buy, rent, or borrow a jet wash, and spend a few hours making sure every last inch and corner has been reached by the high power jet wash. Once you have scrubbed, and washed the boards, you should let them dry completely overnight, or over a few days before you cover the decking in a wood sealant/preserver.

Decking Cleaning  and Staining 

If your decking is starting to lose colour, and is overall looking a little dull and drab, then it sounds like its time to stain and treat it. The first thing you need to remember to do is follow the above steps as part of your decking cleaning maintenance. By doing your decking cleaning before you stain it, you are allowing all of the layers of build up to be removed, to ensure that the stain and preservers are being absorbed nicely into the wood. If you are working with a rough, and uneven decking surface, it may be time to sand to keep it in top shape before you get to staining. When staining your decking, it is best to make sure you do not go for cheap stains. If you are investing that much money in your deck in the first place, it will require some nice, and trustworthy stain. When choosing which stain to get, look for an all-in-one stain and preserver, to save you the hassle of doing it multiple times. Once you have chosen the right stain, you can follow the instructions, take your time, and already start to see a difference. Re-staining and preserving your decking is a step you can take to guarantee that your decking stays looking as good as new. This decking cleaning routine that will can keep your decking looking great, for longer!

Decking Cleaning Maintenance – Repairing damaged boards

Decking Cleaning 2You wouldn’t walk across a broken wooden bridge, so why would you walk across broken decking? Over time, if you do not properly maintain and care for your decking with regular decking cleaning and maintenance, you risk the chance of mould and mildew completely decaying at the wood boards. If you have neglected your decking cleaning routine  for too long, you may have soft, decaying, damaged boards that are unsafe to walk on. If you are guilty of this happening, then it is time to fix those boards. Replacing rotten, decaying, soft boards will make your decking more safe to walk on. The thing to remember is, when you’re buying the new wood planks to fix the rotten decking, just remember to next time care and clean for your decking so this does not happen again.
Having lovely wooden decking, is such a nice touch to the look and atmosphere of a garden! It automatically adds neatness, comfort, and a place to hang out and spend time, while looking great as well! When owning a deck, you are investing in a lifelong addition to your house, which like any other part of your house, needs the attention, maintenance, and care you would give to anywhere else. By properly caring for your decking, you in return get years of a lovely garden to spend time with family and friends!

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