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Selclene Southeast can offer some great deals for all aspects of domestic cleaning in Borough, Southeast London.  Why spend all your spare time cleaning when you could be doing more enjoyable things.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to come out and assess any house cleaning services from a general house clean to a specialised service such as a full house deep clean.

You need a clutter-free home to store all your new Christmas swag. You know the feeling of ‘where shall I put it all?’.  The wardrobe doors won’t shut due to too much clutter already!  Even the loft is already stuffed, literally, to the rafters with booty from the previous two Christmases.

That desperate feeling when surrounded by clutter

All sorts of ideas come to mind including, of course, charity shops but you are wondering whether or not they will even take half the stuff you’ve got. It’s ghastly, you are still in a sea of clutter, albeit in various black bags, old carrier bags and tattered, battered and generally unusable receptacles.

You try to decide what you really need to keep and what you’d like to keep ‘just in case’… what is real  clutter and what is actually fit only for the bin, as it is beyond re-cycling. We’ve all done it, ended up even more frustrated and still no further to finding a home for  your new goodies.

No wonder you’re not doing the fun things with the kids or your partner –  you can never find the necessary kit or gear!  It’s in the loft/garage/basement/black hole somewhere untraceable.  Perhaps  it has been loaned to a friend’s kids/partner, now in her clutter cupboard, awaiting return to the rightful owner.  If only she could remember from whom she borrowed it…

The realisation that you are surrounded by even more clutter in your usual ‘back-up’  storage spaces is overwhelming. You suddenly get that urge to chuck it all out, to totally de-clutter the whole house. Instead after a breather and a cuppa, time to gird your loins and get cracking organising clutter.

Help is here to remove your clutter:

clear out your garage

Here are a few tips gleaned from here and there, personal experiences, advice from friends and other long forgotten sources to show you how to clear clutter from your home.

Do a list of what you will need to help your anti-clutter clear up run smoothly:

  • Parcel Tape
  • Scissors
  • Plain labels
  • Felt tip marker
  • Plenty of good sized, durable black rubbish sacks or sturdy cardboard boxes

Actual steps to a clutter free home

Work on one room at a time – the quickest way of clearing clutter and not to fall at the first fence is to try to ‘do it all in one fell swoop’! Fine if you’re Wonder Woman, which you no doubt are, but even she must have a ‘duvet day’ now and then, especially when she is faced with an apparent insurmountable pile of clutter

Get the family involved, gently threaten to bin anything left on the floor and not returned, after use or played with, to its rightful home.

Pick the worst room first – simply because once that is done, it might make the rest of the rooms seem less of a trial. Once you’ve combated the worst room, in whatever time it had taken, dealing with the other rooms on a sliding scale (using your own clutter/how much of the floor can I actually see) ratio might seem a lot easier, as they may take less time.

Make sure you clearly mark boxes/bag labels with relevant destination

  1. Charity shop
  2. Re-gifting (a cheat I know, but why dispose of a perfectly good and useable gift, one woman’s clutter is another woman’s treasure.)
  3. Bin
  4. Recycling

It’s a bit like Christmas shopping; you budget, make a list of who, what and how to buy. You then purchase a suitable amount of wrapping paper/appropriately sized gift bags and corresponding gift tags.

By following the above clutter tips for your house in Borough, Southeast London, you will define clutter in your home and get rid of it quickly and efficiently to make room for your new swag. Using this transferable skill that you have been honing since you can remember, you can apply all that you have learnt and probably forgotten over the years in order to enjoy a clutter free home.

If the bin or council tip pile gets too big, SelClene are on hand to help you with rubbish clearing and collection services at your fingertips.  We an also help with any other domestic cleaning service you may require so please telephone us today on: 020 8698 6953 or email us on:

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