Clear Out Your Garage and Get Your Car Tucked Away in the Warm

clear out your garage

clear out your garage

Only half of the people who have access to a garage bother to put theirs cars in it according to the RAC so let’s do something about it and clear out your garage out once and for all.

clear out your garage 1It’s a strange situation where one of the most valuable items you own sits out exposed to the elements while your nice dry garage is full of junk. Our garages have become cluttered over the years with the stuff we no longer want but can’t bring ourselves to throw away.

Top tips to clear out your garage

If you have a garage it makes sense to make the best possible use of it. After all, why would you want to waste petrol heating up your car on a freezing cold morning or even spending time scraping the ice of the windscreen? Her’s our fast guide on how to clear out your garage and get it back into service:

  1. The first job is to identify those items which are absolutely essential to your life. Buy a cheap plastic store to keep essentials like lawn mowers and cycles safe and dry.
  2. If you have a bike but rarely use it you can also consider buying a very cheap wall mount to get it high enough up the wall that your car can still fit inside
  3. Put shelves and hooks up on the walls to get as much stuff of your garage floor as possible. Ensure the stuff you are keeping is worth more than the cost of the shelves themselves.
  4. Think long and hard about whether you are really likely to use something before you commit to store it for another five years. The question you must ask yourself is not “Am I ever likely to want this thing in the future?”. The question is “Have I actually used this in the last two years?”. If the answer is no then it’s highly unlikely you will want it in the next two years either.
  5. When was the last time you gave to charity? Mmm – that’s what I thought. If you are struggling to throw something away because it has value, then take it down to the charity shop and feel good that you have done your bit for charity this week.

Clear out your garage – it means you won’t have to scrape your car windscreen this winter.

clear out your garageIn this modern age people are more used to having to clear out computer trash than the real thing. Having sorted out the stuff that is genuinely essential to your life and given anything of value to charity, the next job is to get someone in to take away the rest of the stuff. It’s not an expensive job and a professional company will do it in less than a day.

It simply doesn’t make sense having your car, one of the most expensive things you have ever bought sitting out in the elements and exposed to possible theft while your garage is full of junk.

Call us today if you want us to help clear out your garage.

If you live in the South East of London we would be delighted to help you clear out your garage.

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