Let's welcome spring with clean radiators!


As we were speaking in our previous blog about spring cleaning, we wanted to continue and complete our mission with the very last items in our homes, cleaning the radiators. Overtime, we start to notice how much filth can actually build up underneath, on top, and even inside our radiators. After a long summer of overlook, we tend to not pay attention to our radiators until it comes the time to start using them again the cold, winter months.

Even though we clean regularly our homes, cleaning behind the radiators is an area hard to access, making the radiator cleaning a mission to get behind and discover the dust and the lost items we’ve been looking for months. With years of experience and practice, we want to unravel a few valuable and efficient tips to help you clean the radiators and get them back into a perfect condition, ready for a great performance in the winter months.

You should prepare the following items to help you clean the radiators:
  • a bucket with warm, clean water Selclenesoutheastradiatorcleaning
  • vacuum cleaner with long attachments
  • radiator cleaning fluid
  • long  radiator cleaning brush
  • not to forget, gloves!

Best way to clean the radiators:

For a perfect radiator cleaning first we clean the dust around and in it. Underneath our radiators is one of the few places that are hard to access during our regular cleaning routine. The easiest way to clean the base of our radiators is to use tools that can easily access the areas behind and under. Before you start cleaning the radiators make sure that these are turned off so you do not burn yourself. If they are cool enough to touch, you can begin vacuuming the areas around the radiator, the tops, and the undersides if you have a small or narrow attachment and can easily reach. If you do not have a vacuum attachment that can fit beneath, then use a duster or a ruler stick to push forward any large items that may have fallen behind the radiator and to collect the large dust. Hoover or sweep up anything you have managed to uncover, so you are left with a dust free radiator that is ready to have a proper cleaning. When you are able to remove the majority of the dust and dirt around it you can start make it shiny as new.

Second step for cleaning the radiators is to get hold of a bucket of warm water, and cleaning liquid of your choice. This can either be multipurpose cleaning solution, or can be your standard washing up liquid. Once you have your soapy water ready, put the sponge on the radiator and start to scrub and wipe down the excess dirt or grime that you haven’t accessed before. If you can and it’s easy to pass on, wipe down the tops, sides, and in between the radiator parts to make sure you reach every inch. Once you have cleaned your radiator as you like and you are happy with how they are, you can either dry off any excess liquid with a clean and dry towel, or you can turn the heating on in your home so that any liquid is evaporated due to the heat.

A few tips to have a better functionality of your radiators:

  • try as much as possible not to cover them with thick clothes or materials so you have the best heating efficiency
  • bleed the radiators at least twice a year, you could do it in spring time when we reduce the usage of heat and again in autumn when we are ready to turn them on and have our homes heated for the cold days.
  • remember to check the boiler pressure gauge after you’ve bled the radiators and make sure it has the correct pressure.

As we finished now cleaning the radiators, sit back, relax and enjoy your fully cleaned home! Next time, give us a call at 02086986953 and we will gladly do for you the radiators cleaning! 

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