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Selclene Southeast have been cleaning homes in East Dulwich and across all of Southeast London for decades.  We have some really great offers at the moment to assist with any house cleaning service you require. If you feel like you never have time to do the things you enjoy and always seem to be cleaning your home then call us today so we can help.  Keep reading and we will give you some insider tips for freshening up the tiled areas of your home by cleaning your grout.

Have you ever stepped foot into your shower just to look and see the thick lines of black grout lying between your tilesGrout is the compound that keeps your tiles in place, but can quickly go from looking fresh and white, to dull and black in no time. Before we know it, we are left with an unsightly looking finish on our bathroom tiles, begging us for the deepest clean out there. Follow these short steps below to ensure that your bathroom grout maintains that sparkling white finish it had from the start!

  1. Give a quick, efficient clean first

The first step for a proper grout cleaning is to make sure all of the surfaces are fully wiped down. Do whatever you usually do to your bathroom as a cleaning routine, and give a quick wipe down and mop to all surfaces and tiles before you start with the deeper problems. By doing this, you free up the surfaces from any filth that was lying on the top layers, so you can really get down to the scum.

  1. Get your cleaning grout solution ready

You have two paths to choose between when it comes to cleaning grout. You can either stick to a store bought solution that is specifically made for cleaning tile grout, or you can simply make your own homemade solution if you have the tools and supplies at your fingertips already. If you head down the homemade solution, you can mix 7 cups of warm water with ½ a cup of baking soda, ⅓ a cup of ammonia and ¼ of a cup of white vinegar in a spray bottle and vigorously shake the bottle before use.

  1. Take action with the grout

Once you have your solution ready, you can begin to apply it to the problem areas. Start in small patches, by applying the solution to the affected areas, where you can then let it sit for roughly 5 minutes to work into the grout to give a deep clean. Once you have covered the affected areas, begin to scrub the black grout with a hard bristled brush. Either a toothbrush, hard bristled scrub brush, or a sponge will be okay to work the solution into the areas, and polish the dirty areas until they are spotless. This may require quite a bit of arm power to be able to deep clean as hard as you can, but think of it as a workout, with the results being a spotless bathroom.

  1. Final clean up for our cleaning grout mission

Once you have scrubbed and cleaned as much as you could, it is now time to clean up any excess, and give your bathroom one last tidy up before you call it quits. Run over any surfaces tiles, floors, and counters with a multipurpose cleaning solution or bathroom cleaner to give that last hint of sparkle. Wipe up any puddles of wet filth from the grout you have been cleaning, and finish by polishing any tiles and taps.

Grout is something that we forget to pay close attention to, but soon realise how fast it shows signs of wear and tear. Over a short period of time, grout can look filthy, causing it to turn from its pure and clean white, to a dingy and dark black or grey. A simple hour spent scrubbing at your grout with a special cleaning solution can have your bathroom tiles looking brand new once again in no time! If you’ve just read this and realised how dull your bathroom tiles are looking, then follow the simple steps above to maintain the perfect bathroom!



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