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How to get ahead in cleaning windows properly – inside and out!

Everyone who owns a home, owns windows! Unless you live in a cave, you will know exactly what it is like to try and squint your eyes while looking out of the window, because you can not see through the grubby fingerprints, smears, and smudges that find their way onto your windows. Whether that be indoor marks from children, and home life, or outside windows from animals, weather, or a build up over the years. SelClene is here to help you maintain beautiful, and spotless panes with our window cleaning tips by cleaning windows inside and outside your home!

Shiny on the Inside

cleaning windows toolsWhen cleaning the insides of your windows, you will come to realize that nearly all of the marks are from little fingerprints, smudges, and any other marks that may have been brought on by someone in your home. Cleaning the insides of windows is a lot easier than cleaning the outsides, but it is best to dedicate a whole day to cleaning both the inside and outsides, so you have successful, and spotless windows straight away!

First step when cleaning windows from the inside is to prepare all of your cleaning solutions, cloths, and towels. Get your window cleaning tools all ready. Move your furniture out of the way to allow you to access every part of the window possible. If you have hard to reach, or high up windows, you can prepare yourself with a ladder or chair to reach even the highest parts. Once you have all of your windows easily accessible, you can begin to prepare your window cleaning solution and towels. You will want to fill a bucket or pan with warm water, and a small drop or two of a detergent or soap of your choice. Window soap is prefered, which contains a solution made up specifically for windows, and not leaving soap streaks. You should start by dusting off every corner of your windows, to allow for any dust, dirt, or debris to be removed before you get stuck into cleaning windows. Once you have dusted, you can take a soft sponge or brand new cloth to the windows, by soaking it in the solution and ringing out any excess. By using a soft sponge or brand new cleaning cloth, you are preventing any scratching or marks left by a dirty sponge or cloth. After you have wiped down every area of the window with your soapy liquid, you should make sure you dry off the window completely with a dry cloth or towel to remove any water solution. Once you have dried off the window, you may want to consider leaving the frame open at the end of cleaning windows to air out everything completely.

Sparkling on the Outsidecleaning windows

Cleaning windows on the outside is a lot trickier than cleaning the inside, because you are faced with much more dirt, marks, and smudges from the outside world. When preparing to clean the outside windows, you will want to make sure you have everything outside with you, to save yourself having to make multiple trips back inside and out. Double check before you start that you have all your window cleaning tools. You will also want to allow yourself a nice day out without rain or snow, and preferably without direct sun. Overcast cool days are more enjoyable to do outside work like cleaning windows, which will allow you to get them done with little hassle. Once you have prepared everything you need to clean the outside windows, you can begin to use the same solution and towels and sponges you used inside. Cleaning windows on the outside may be more of a challenge because you will be dealing with higher up windows, and hard to reach areas. That’s why it is always a good idea to have a ladder or chair ready to get to the spots you can not reach. Repeat the same cleaning method you used for inside windows, just allow more time to be spent on outside windows to ensure every area is wiped clean, and dried properly.

When you have finished cleaning windows and drying your windows, both inside and out, you can further inspect to see if there are any areas you missed, marks that appeared from cleaning, or soap streaks. If your windows are not perfectly clean to your liking, you can follow up with an additional cleaning with a window cleaning spray. Window cleaning sprays are specifically designed to tackle any filth you may find, along with leaving a streak free shine.

If You Can See What I Can See,
When I’m Cleaning Windows

SelClene is on hand to help you with all types of household cleaning. If this post has made you think “I need a window cleaner!”, contact us because cleaning windows inside and outside can quickly change the appearance of any house, making it immediately look well maintained and sparkling!

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