Easy pee-sy cleaning!

Cleaning the toilet is one of the worst jobs we need to do in our homes.

No one has free time to get down on their knees to clean their toilet every week, and there is no one out there that would actually like cleaning their toilet. The loo is one of the most visited places in our homes that can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and can make your family sick if not taken care of properly. Follow these simple steps below to make sure that routinely cleaning your bathroom lavatory never causes you pain. If you have more questions about bathroom and home care, check out our other blogs to find out simple and easy home solutions!

Toilets are one of the most dirtiest places in our homes…

They harbour bacteria, germs, and viruses unless properly cared for. If you are on the slightly squeamish side, you can always opt for a pair of rubber gloves as your designated “toilet cleaning” gloves, to keep your hands away from all of the germs that rent out your toilet as their home. Make sure you have a proper set of disinfectants, bleaches, and solutions before you get started. A good toilet bowl cleaning solution will be able to work its magic in the bowl, while there are special solutions for the seat, lid, and inside rim of the bowl. 

Instead of being eager and jumping straight into the deep cleaning, try giving your loo an initial wipe down with hot to boiling hot water. This first wipe down with hot water loosens up any surface dirt and grime, to remove that before moving on to the bigger and more substantial mess. Hot water on a sponge is a simple way to tackle the filth that sits on the top, while prepping the rest of the toilet for a deeper clean below the first barrier.  If you managed to pick up a toilet bowl cleaning solution, now is the time to use that. Grab the cleaner, lift up the lid and set of your toilet, and begin to apply the product as instructed on the bottle.

Most toilet bowl cleaners advise you to tip the bottle upside down, and apply a generous amount of product under the rim.

By applying a ring of product around the rim, you allow it to not only drip down covering the inside of the bowl, but also allowing you to reach those hard to access areas underneath the rim, where filth tends to build up without us being able to see. Many products advise you to leave the product to sit in the bowl and work its magic for a designated time. Follow the steps on the product before moving on to the next step, to ensure best results. 

As soon as your timer is up, it’s time to get scrubbing! Grab a hard bristled toilet brush, with a long handle to keep your arms and hands away from the chemicals and the inside. Thoroughly and firmly scrub all areas of the inside of the bowl, paying close attention to any stains, rings, the rim, and the back of the bowl. The longer, and harder you scrub with the brush, the better the results!

The last step for cleaning the inside of your toilet is to flush it while scrubbing the inside.

Flushing allows a clean water rise to the areas that you have just used cleaner on. Once you have cleaned the hardest parts, you can then move on to the simplest step. Grab a disinfectant spray or solution, and apply to all of the corners, undersides, lids, and entire exterior. Disinfecting the whole outside of the toilet guarantees a sparkling toilet, as well as riding it from all of the harmful germs and viruses.

Once you have followed each step, you can finally breath!

Knowing that you have a clean and tidy toilet is a great reward to a hard hour at work scrubbing away. Giving your lavatory a deep clean every few weeks is the top way to keep your family healthy, as well as keeping your home looking clean and tidy. After you finish scrubbing your toilet, you can give yourself a big pat on the back, knowing it was a job well done!  Care to read more cleaning blogs for you bedroom, bathroom, and beyond? Check out our other blogs on cleaning tips and tricks for your whole home!  Flushing gets the water flowing, and rids your toilet of the chemicals, as well as rinsing the brush and insides.


If you don’t enjoy cleaning the toilet, give us a call at 02086986953 and we will send our best house cleaners to help you out! 

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