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From 8am breakfast to 9pm coming home from sports practice, every day for modern parents messy kids who create messes everywhere they go. At the end of any messy kids projects, mum or dad are usually left with piles of school clothes and sports kits stained with grass and mud. SelClene Southeast is here to help you with some tips on how to contain those kid’s messes.

Dealing with Natural Stains like Grass, Dirt, and Mud

After a long day at the park or a winning goal in football, messy kids always find a way to carry their stains into the house. Those muddy football kits and boots on the carpet have mummies and daddies everywhere crying for cleaning help.

Natural Stains on Messy Kids Clothing

Cleaning mud and grass stains after a bout of messy day activities for kids out of clothing is simple, if you have the right solutions. A store bought stain remover spray will act fast on tough stains in your children’s clothing. Follow the instructions on the solution, most will say leave on affected area for 5-10 minutes before running through the washing machine on a hot water setting, if the fabric allows.

Natural Stains on Carpets

muddy messy kids Once hungry and furious feet run through the house after practice, and messy kids have left mud and dirty footprints running through our carpets. With these natural stains, we are left to wonder what could we possibly do? If these stains are recurring, and happen too often to stay calm with, it may be time to invest in a carpet cleaner. Not only do big chain home and garden stores sell them for a moderate price, but you can even rent them for a day if you want to give those kids messy rooms carpets a really thorough clean once in a while. If carpet cleaners are too pricy, and you are not ready to splurge just yet, then you may want to consider buying some cheap, but effective, carpet cleaning solutions. Stop into your local shop to pick up a bottle of carpet cleaning spray or powder. Follow the instructions, but most will advise to apply the solution to the affected area, then leave to sit for a while. After that you are recommended to hoover, sweep, or pat the excess solution off of the affected area of the carpet. Using these few simple tips, your carpet will be looking brand new again! At least until next week’s football practice…

Messy Kids and Cleaning up Pen and Marker Stains

It’s a familiar tale – a rambunctious 3 year old gets hold of a biro or a marker and the rest is history. There is nothing worse than seeing those masterpieces of ink scribbled all over the walls, sofas, clothing, and even the guilty child’s face. Cleaning marker off your child’s face and clothes after a messy kids game is the easy part, cleaning it off the walls and furniture is where these tips come in handy. After all the pain of scrubbing, and crying about ruined walls, the easiest solution is right at home!

Ink Stains on Walls and Hard Surfaces

painting messy kidsInstead of having to paint over their art work or touch up the walls, why not use an at home recipe that you can make up in minutes. For those tricky pen and marker stains on your walls, and floors, try making a baking soda solution to clean the area with. Start by mixing 2 parts baking soda, to 2 parts ammonia in a large bucket. Fill the rest with water and mix the solution well. Once this solution is made up, you can apply it to the walls or floors to scrub at the pen and marker stains. If the stains are fading, but not completely disappearing, apply baking soda directly to the affected area, and begin to wipe clean with a towel dipped in the bucket liquid. After all of your child’s artwork is removed, you can rinse the walls by wiping clean with a towel soaked in water. Voilá! All their precious artwork now stays on paper, not your walls!

Children can be the most rewarding aspect to our lives, but the messes that they bring with are not so much. By using these messy kids tips for when busy days at the parks have been brought home or your children decided to practice interior decorating, you spend less time cleaning up their messes and more precious time with them.

If you have tried and tried, and all else fails, you can always give SelClene Southeast a call to tackle those messy kids stains, while you keep them busy.

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