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Selclene Southeast can offer professional house cleaning services in Beckenham, Southeast London.  We have cleaners on hand to assist with all the domestic cleaning jobs that you hate to do or simply don’t have the time for.  Contact us today so we can explain some great offers we currently have to offer for any cleaning service. In the meantime read on and we will share some tips we’ve picked up over the years for getting your silverware clean.

Without regular cleaning and polishing silver can start to look quite dull over time. You may own silver cutlery that you bought as a matching set, or have a silver candelabra that has been passed down through generations of your family. Wherever your silver comes from, and whatever the condition, SelClene has tips on how to ensure that no matter how old it is, once you know how the best methods for polishing silver it will remain in perfect condition.

Polishing Silver – Whether it is New or Vintage

Over time, you can noticeably feel the difference between items that have had regular polishing and unpolished silver. You might feel a dark or even sticky residue of oxidisation build up from over the years. Fingerprints and oils are left on silver during handling, plus other dirt and grime transfer from your hands. Ignored silver gradually tarnishes, and can become pitted when the tarnish is left to develop far too long.

For day-to-day maintaining of silver, regularly polishing silver with a damp cloth will remove most dirt. But once it is in desperate state, you will need to polish and clean your silver with a good and trusty cleaning solution. You should never rely on a cheap and unknown silver cleaner, so it is best to take your time to research and invest in cleaner that you can trust with your valuable items. Whether you choose to use a Silver Polish Cloth, Silver Cloth Cleaner or Silver Cleaning Solution, can cost anywhere between 4 to 20 pounds, so it is really worth it to make sure you know what you need and are getting.

How to Polish Silver Jewellery

When you figure out which polishing silver technique is right for you, it is also important to make sure you have a clean towel, or cotton wool, to prevent any dust and debris from scratching your silver and leaving abrasions. When you have the right materials and solution you need for polishing silver, you then follow the specific instructions, because all will differ depending which you have purchased. Jewellery Polishing Cloths are often the simplest method to maintain your silver.

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Don’t Resort to Polishing Silver with Cupboard Staples

Some online websites will convince you that it is okay to use home solutions for polishing silver such as toothpaste, baking soda, window cleaners, and such. It is never a good idea to trust your valuables with corrosive or abrasive solutions (another example was to clean silver with vinegar!). It is best to stick to the solutions that are specifically made to keep your silver the best it can be, without causing damage.

The most important rule to remember when polishing your silver is to take care. Take your time to make sure you treat it properly, to give it the care and attention it needs. Do not cheap out when it comes to buying silver cleaners, because you will be happier to spend a few extra pounds to clean your valuable silver, compared to saving money on cheap cleaner, just to end up with damaged silver. The last rule to remember is to regularly polish and clean your silver, to maintain and make sure that it will last years to come. By properly taking care of your silver regularly, you will be able to then pass it down another generation, while it still looks as good as ever.

SelClene South East can help with all manner of house cleaning tasks in Beckenham, Southeast London. Perhaps polishing silver is yet another cleaning job you could do without?  Contact us and we will be happy to discuss any domestic cleaning requirements you have either over the telephone: 020 8698 6953 or by email:

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