Cleaner Advice: what to have your cleaner do – and not do!

Decking Cleaning

Now and then, it may become time to finally invest in a someone to work for you: and if you start with the correct cleaner advice and your regular house cleaner to will fit quicker and easily into your schedule. In the UK, it is straightforward and very helpful to have a cleaner to your home once or even a few times a week. When juggling, school, kids, work, pets, and life, keeping your home looking spotless is the last thing most homeowners will want to think about at the end of the day.


Taking the plunge: Take Cleaner Advice from a Professional

So you’ve decided to finally hire a cleaner to regularly come into your home, and do the things you just don’t have time for. Thats great! But what are the acceptable and unacceptable things to ask your cleaner to do? What cleaner advice is useful and which is not an effective use of their time? Is it okay to make them clean the fridge, but completely not okay to make them iron your washing? It really all depends on you, and your cleaner. They are a hired professional whose job is to tend to your requests inside the home. There are limits and boundaries, but it is also their paying job, and you are their boss. So that gets us on the subject… What should you have your cleaner do?

When hiring a cleaner, you are investing your money in an employee who you are their boss. They are hired to do the things you ask, without much complaint. That does not mean you can take advantage of your cleaner and make them do all of the dirty jobs you would not do. So what are some good pieces of cleaner advice? Here we have pulled together a few basics you can have your cleaner do. Once again, it is all up to you and your cleaner to sit down and have a discussion about what can and cannot be done.


Cleaner Advice: Types of Jobs

Cleaner Advice PIXABAYironing-403074Dusting: Dusting is a no-brainer that most cleaners will do anyways. Dusting down counter tops, shelves, lights, cabinets, and ornaments is a regular job that cleaners will expect to have to do when being hired to clean your home.

Vacuuming: Vacuuming floors, carpets, and every corner of your home is one of the most common household chores that needs to be done. Cleaners will most likely not have a problem with vacuuming the whole home.

Ironing: Not every cleaner is also an excellent ironer (ours being the exception!) But ironing is often a useful job that finishes off the seemingly endless cycle of laundry.


Cleaner Advice: By Room

Cleaning the entire kitchen: When you hire a cleaner, one of the main rooms to give the cleaner advice about is the kitchen. The kitchen is the area in the home that harbours dirt, grime, food spills, and germs everywhere. Having your cleaner tackle the kitchen will make cooking and living in the kitchen so much less stressful. Ask your cleaner if they will wipe down counters, disinfect all areas including the table and worktops, clean the hobs and oven, microwave and all appliances, and finish by mopping the floor.

Cleaning the bedrooms: Cleaning the bedrooms is something that may not need the deepest clean done, but still can use some tidying away, dusting, wiping down, and vacuuming.

Bathroom: Cleaning the bathroom is a must. Unless you have a spotless, untouched, and unused bathroom, chances are you will probably not want to come home and scrub the shower right after a long day at work. Having your cleaner tackle the bathroom is a great way to make sure it stays clean and sparkling. Give your cleaner advice about what you would like to be able to see your face in – a wipe down and degrout to the shower, a fresh clean to the bathtub, mop the floors, clean the glass and mirrors, and wipe down countertops and sinks.


Giving and Taking Advice

When you hire a cleaner, they are paid by you, and it is their job to make sure you are happy and satisfied with hiring you. If you ask your cleaner to do something, and they refuse, then it is time to sit down and have a discussion about what is expected, and what is too much. When hiring a cleaner, they are employed by you, but it is important to keep in mind that cleaners are human beings with preferences, likes and dislikes, capabilities, and abilities when it comes to what they should and shouldn’t do. By figuring out what exactly you would like to get out of having a cleaner, you will be able to sit down with them, and chat about your expectations, and give suitable cleaner advice. See if they are suitable to tend to your needs in the amount of time you give them. If you still need help deciding what cleaner advice to give, give SelClene South East a call today!


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