How to clean and polish silver properly

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We hope you enjoyed our latest blogs and used our tips for your cleaning needs. This week we want to share with you a few thoughts on how to properly clean and polish, to get your silver shimmering as new again.

Over time, silver can start to look quite dull if it has not properly been taken care of.  cleaning silver jewelryIs it your own silver cutlery that you bought as a matching set, or the silver candelabra that has been passed down through generations of your family, your old chains and rings, wherever your silver comes from, and whatever the condition, Selclene is here for you, providing you with tips on how to ensure that no matter how old your silver is, it remains in a perfect condition.

If you need to clean and polish your silver, you will want to use a good and trusty cleaning solution. You should never trust your valuable silver in the hands of a cheap and unknown silver cleaner, so it is best to take your time to research and invest in cleaner that you can trust with your valuable items. Silver polish can cost anywhere between 4 to 20 pounds, so it is really worth it to make sure you know what you need and are getting.

When you figure out which polish is right for you, it is also important to make sure you have a clean towel, or cotton wool, to prevent any dust and debris from scratching your silver and leaving abrasions. When you have the right materials and solution you need to polish your silver, you can follow the instructions on the solution, because all will differ depending which you have purchased.

Some online websites will convince you that it is okay to use home solutions to polish your silver such as toothpaste, baking soda, window cleaners, and such. It is never a good idea to trust your precious silver with solutions that are not intended to be used on silver in the first place. It is best to stick to the solutions that are specifically made to keep your silver the best it can be, without causing damage.

The most important rule to remember when polishing your silver is to take care.

Take your time to make sure you treat it properly, to give it the care and attention it needs. Do not cheap out when it comes to buying silver cleaners, because you will be happier to spend a few extra pounds to clean your silver, compared to saving money on a cheap cleaner, just to end up with damaged silver.

The last rule to remember is to regularly polish and clean your silver, to maintain and make sure that it will last years to come. By properly taking care of your silver regularly, you will be able to then pass it down another generation, while it still looks as good as ever.

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