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We spoke in our previous blogs about the benefits of having a domestic cleaner and what she/he would actually do for you. If you haven’t contacted us  yet and are willing to clean yourself, let us help you with a few easy steps to bring your kitchen storage and cupboards to pristine condition! 

Considering how much time we spend daily in our kitchens preparing tasty meals for our loved ones, it makes sense that our culinary work space is an organised dream. We know that there is nothing worse than cooking in a disorganised, mess of a kitchen. Our domestic cleaners are trained and efficient in doing all these time-stealing tasks, but again, if you have not opted yet for help for your home cleaning, let’s help you with a few tips!

Best ways to organise your food cupboards

When we clean the food cupboards and larders, there is absolutely no reason to keep any of the food you haven’t been using for months, especially if it is expired. It is best to have a big sort out of the food cupboards so you are able to make more space for your new shopping that will be fresher and more useful in your kitchen.

We all have packets, herbs and spices and tins that have not seen the light of day in however long, it’s best to throw these out. As soon as you have taken out all your items and sorted them, clean the cupboards to give them a fresh, clean look and begin to put back your groceries.

We recommend at this point to organise the products on categories, e.g. pasta, flour, rice, all together, cans of peas, tomato sauces, your favourite dressings in one other side, sugar, coffee, teas, marmalade and breakfast stuff in another small corner. This will bring you easiness in finding what you need and your storage will look tidier than ever.

 Best ways to organise your dishware

When we look through our cupboards to reach for a bowl, plate, or a mug we cringe when they don’t all match. Unless they do not match on purpose, there is no need to keep a set of matching bowls, if one of them is odd or missing. Updating your dishware is a perfect way to give your kitchen cupboards fresh new looks, without changing anything drastic.

Do the same as you did with the cupboards, take everything out, have a thought of what you want to keep using, then give a good clean to the cupboard. Arrange the dishware always by sorting and organising the items for an easier reach and a cleaner, tidier look. You can have your round big plates first, then the medium sized ones and finish with the small dessert ones on top. Place aside the glasses and cups you use more often and leave on the other side the ones for special occasions, in a corner you don’t use too much so they are safe and tidy there. If you are not pleased with your kitchen ware, maybe buying a new set of matching bowls, plates and mugs will make your kitchen automatically feel put together and organised, without having to change the kitchen itself.

Better ways to organise your glasses and cutlery

Like dishware, it is important to have a nice set of good quality, matching glasses and cutlery. If you do not match your glasses and cutlery intentionally, then there is no need to change anything. But adding a set of brand new, matching cutlery or glasses can instantly make your kitchen go from feeling dull, to feeling new and organised and you will wish to cook more often and enjoy your meals with family and friends.

We suggest the same cleaning manner, bring all your items out of the cupboard and clean well the inside of the cupboard. Then you can start arranging back your favourite ones, leaving space for any new ones you might wish to purchase.

 Last but not least, tidying up your kitchen appliances and utensils:

Most kitchens have a cupboard or drawer designated to appliances and utensils. Whether they are big and bulky food processors, or tiny utensils you may not even know what they do. We all have them, and they all cause problems eventually. By having a good sort out of kitchen utensils and appliances, you can easily look through and bin the ones that are no longer working, not needed, are broken, or have missing pieces. By figuring out what to bin, and what to keep, you can see what it is that needs to be upgraded and replaced. There is a lot more to life than tin openers with missing screws. Make sure to treat yourself to the good quality tools to guarantee your kitchen and its accessories are the best they can be.

By updating your kitchen cupboards, not only are you able to clean and clear out, but you can go through and organise the contents behind the cupboard doors. An organised kitchen not only looks nicer, but it makes spending time in the kitchen a lot more enjoyable when it is not a task weighed down by unorganised and cluttered cupboards.

Kitchen cupboard cleaning

If you get stuck or don’t have enough time to organise or clean you kitchen, give us a call at 02086986953 and our domestic specialists will be right there for you!  We can help with any domestic cleaning service you may require in Lee and all areas of Southeast London. If you would prefer to email us please do to:

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