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BBQ cleaning

Introducing the Lazy Person’s Guide to BBQ Cleaning

Tough burnt-on food spills, rusted wire grates with old ash and charcoal, those are the nightmares of BBQ cleaning. Now that the sun is shining – the one thing we dread is to discover the state of the barbecue from last summer’s grill-outs. If people were to treat their barbecues like their stove top, then getting the grill out from the shed in the spring time will not be such a bittersweet thing job to do. Here you can find some top tips for a lazy persons guide to BBQ cleaning.

Some BBQ cleaning tips to treat your grill with a little love

When it comes to spring and summer, your days are incomplete without a late summer’s night barbecue with friends and family. The last thing you want to deal with during the lovely warm months is to discover that your barbecue is not in a fit state to grill on, and a stubborn BBQ cleaning job is required.The most important thing to keep in mind when owning a barbecue is to treat it like you would treat your stove top in your kitchen. Its funny to think that, but a BBQ is simply an outdoor stove top and should be still treated with care. When using your stove top indoors, it is common to lightly clean after every use or to even give a deep clean once every week.

When using your outdoor barbecue, it is important to always clean up spills and food residue after being used. If something is spilt on your stove top indoors, you would most likely clean it up straight away, so those rules should apply to your barbecue as well. If you spill on the grill or grates, make sure to clean it up as soon as possible. If that means waiting until the barbecue cools down or wiping it off when its slightly warm, that way you will be making the task of your BBQ cleaning that much easier. If you have older stains and food stuck on, you can take a barbecue brush or wire brush and make sure to give a good clean to any wire cooking grates.

Best Way to Clean a Charcoal Grill

BBQ cleaningWhen using a charcoal grill, make sure to dump the ashes in the bottom of the grill. Even if your barbecue has an ash catcher, everything with a charcoal grill needs cleaning. Start BBQ cleaning by emptying the bottom of the grill from any ash, old coals, or burnt food. After cleaning out the ash, you can wipe down the inside with some warm soapy water. Use BBQ cleaning products and avoid strongly scented cleaners on your barbecue, because food could take on the taste. Harsh abrasives can also damage or rust the grill unless it is specifically for barbecues. Everyone loves it when the weather gets warmer, and we can organise the first barbecue of the season.

Best Way to Clean a Gas Grill

When it comes to gas grills, most will have a setting on the dials for “clean”. This is not a proper clean for your barbecue, and still requires some tender loving care. The “clean” setting is just a way to heat the barbecue to an extreme temperature so that any cooked on food is burnt off. This does not actually tackle the problems in the grill though. When BBQ cleaning a gas grill, it helps to take everything apart and give a deep clean. Start by disconnecting any gas lines, and check to see if a new gas tank is needed. You can then start to take apart the grill, layer by layer. Remove all parts and wipe everything down with soapy water. Make sure to clean the burners too, from any cooked on food that will cause uneven grilling. Once everything is wiped down, you can start to reassemble your grill again, and then connect the gas line. When everything is properly together again, turn on the grill to heat fully before cooking, to ensure any soap residue is completely burnt off.

BBQ cleaning

When owning a barbecue, it is very important to always make sure you maintain it. Regular BBQ cleaning is as important as cleaning your stove top indoors. You wouldn’t make a mess of your stove top then leave it dirty, would you? With these tips on BBQ cleaning, you will be able to jump into spring and summer without having to worry about buying or repairing an old and neglected barbecue.

And if that BBQ cleaning seems like too much…

If all the above seems too onerous, Selclene are on hand to help you with cleaning services at your fingertips, whether it’s for tips on clearing up a neglected garden, or getting us to clear it for you.

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