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Carpets are such a lovely addition to any home, and regular carpet cleaning is a necessary evil. Well-maintained carpets bring colour, create warmth, and add an overall touch of comfort to any room. With these SelClene tips, carpeting will continue to be a welcome addition to your home!

Everything to Know About Carpet Cleaning

There are two main ways to clean carpets that are the most effective ways to maintain that new look. Vacuuming, and steam carpet cleaning are the best ways to be able to get the job done, in less time than it may seem. Most people who own carpets will probably already own a vacuum cleaner as well. Owning a carpet is a big investment in the first place, so it is important to make sure you invest in good carpet cleaning equipment as well, that will last you years to come. A decent vacuum cleaner can cost you dirt cheap, or prices through the roof. Best advice is to research online and in stores, into hoovers to figure out which is best suited for your home, and budget. A second method for carpet cleaning is to either buy or rent a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner. A good steam cleaner or carpet cleaner will cost you quite a bit of money depending on which machine you go for, but in the long run it will be worth it for frequently heavily soiled carpeting. Below we have included two ways to clean your carpets, whether using a hoover or a steam cleaner/carpet cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaning

carpet cleaning vacuuming under furnitureWhen carpet cleaning with a vacuum, the first step you need to take is to make sure the floors are completely free from any small items that may damage the internal mechanisms inside your hoover. Picking up coins, small objects, little toys or food, and anything else that is larger than a pea will help to maintain a healthy hoover that is free from damage. It is also recommended at this time to dust any lights, windows, shelves, or blinds. Dusting the room before vacuuming will help to rid the dust by falling on the floor to become hoovered up. The next step is checking to make sure your hoover is ready to use, by replacing the bag inside, and cleaning the filters and nozzles, before you plug it in to check if it is working. When your hoover is all ready to get to carpet cleaning work, you can begin by vacuuming up the majority of the room in long front to back movements. After you hoover up the main areas in back and forth movements, you can switch sides, to make sure your hoover vacuums side to side as well for an extra clean. Vacuuming in two different directions will help to pick up particles you may have missed the first time around. After you vacuum the majority, you can next proceed to fit on any attachments to have easier access to smaller, hard to get to areas. Small and narrow hoover attachments will help to get into corners, and sides between and under furniture to ensure that you have reached all areas possible. Before you start carpet cleaning, you can optionally add any sort of antibacterial, disinfectant, or scented carpet powders to freshen up the carpet, and leave a nice scent.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a more heavy duty do it yourself carpet cleaning technique for carpeting, and can be a more time consuming clean, needing a lot more patience and care. Owning a steam cleaner is not something most households will have, due to the high price and the less frequent need to use one. Most home and garden shops, and DIY stores will offer steam cleaner or carpet cleaning machine rental. Renting a carpet cleaner is a good way to first test out to see if you are happy with the outcome and ready to consider investing in the purchase of a carpet cleaner for your home. Renting a carpet cleaner is easy to do infrequently, but if you find yourself wanting to steam clean the carpets more often, then it will save money and time to invest in your own instead of renting. The first tip for steam carpet cleaning is vacuum before hand. You will then want to protect your furniture and items in the room by taking out of the room, or covering with plastic tarps to ensure your items stay safe from the steam.

carpet cleaning spot cleaningSteam cleaners will either come with their own detergent or shampoos, or you can buy your own. You can begin by following all instructions on the machine before you use. (All machines are different, so the instructions may differ). Usually carpet cleaners will require being filled with water and detergent, then you will be able to clean the carpets as if you would do with a hoover, except in this case, the steamer will soak your carpet in a steam of water and detergent, then you will be able to use the machine again to pull up the excess water. When steaming and cleaning your carpet, you will want to make sure that you have a well ventilated room, where the fresh air can dry up any damp carpet you may have missed to ensure a proper, thorough clean. If you have the time and will, you may even consider steam cleaning your carpet twice.

Owning a carpet may sound like a harsh investment, full of time and dedication in order to keep it looking nice and new. With these tips from SelClene, you should feel more comfortable with owning and caring for your carpet, making carpet cleaning easier, and having to do it less often.

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