8 Best Domestic Cleaning tips – Keep your house sparkly clean

Best domestic cleaning tips for making your home tidy – when it comes to tidying the best way to get a head start on productive organising is to invest in proper storage.  But even before this step the key is to “be ruthless” you need to get to the root of the problem.  Go through everything and ditch what you don’t need.

My tip to all my domestic cleaning clients is that if you haven’t used it or thought about it for at least 6 months then get rid of it!  The only exception to this rule is seasonal items. It’s as simple as that; you can ask a friend if they need it, pass it on to a family member or give it to the charity shop if you cannot bear to throw it away.

I have been running a successful cleaning business for years and this has taught me to be more organised.  I am happy to pass my most useful domestic cleaning tips on to you so please keep reading and I will share these with you.

Once you’ve got your storage you can label clear boxes with coloured tags, or even photos of what belongs in the containers, this not only helps you, it is also helpful for young children to decode what goes where. Making it easier for little hands to see exactly what shelf their puzzle goes on, and what box their cars go into.

By making the organisation a fun and easy way for little ones to understand, it makes them more willing to help out.  Take this from someone who knows; having run one of the most successful domestic deep cleaning services companies in South East London for over 21 years.  Here’s some more handy tips to get those horrible cleaning jobs done in no time at all!

  • https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/cleaning/tips/a25083/new-uses-sponges/ kitchen sponge can de-pill a sweater. Just gently run a textured, scrubby one across the garment.
  • You should iron clothes when they’re slightly damp. The moisture helps release wrinkles, so press your peskiest pieces right out of the dryer (or use the spray feature on your iron).
  • Use a rubber glove to whisk away pet hair. When damp, the glove has just the right texture to grab fuzz.
  • Get a “right away” bin for your laundry. We recommend adding an extra basket to your routine. This way, you’ll never be stuck without
  • a football kit, school uniform or ballet costume on the day your child needs it.
  • You dishwasher can wash way more than dishes. Like toys, hairbrushes, and light fixture glass globes, to name a few.
  • Adhesive hooks can help you hide cables.  This neat trick, which means you can have your favourite electronics and a tidy living room, too.
  • You shouldn’t clean windows on a sunny day as the cleaner might dry too quickly and leave streaks. Another streak-causing culprit? Using all purpose cleaner instead of the for-windows-only variety.
  • A lint roller might be your handiest cleaning tool. After you give your stereo speakers, lampshades, and purse a quick swipe, you might forget this lightweight gadget is good for clothes, too.

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