8 Annoying Household Habits

We all have those minor (or major) habits that tend to annoy the daylights out of our family and loved one while living together. We’re only human, so sometimes those little habits go unnoticed by ourselves, but may drive our roommate’s insane. Here is a list of 8 of the most annoying household habits, that we are all guilty of doing. Maybe now we can try to break those habits?

1. Dirty dishes in the sink

Now this habit is something we are all very familiar with. Its 2016, and most homes have a built in dishwasher in the kitchen. But unless you live in a small home, or don’t have the time or money for a dishwasher, that is where the problem lies. If you have a dishwasher in your home, there is never an excuse for why dirty dishes should be lying around. By regularly loading and unloading the dishwasher, you allow time for the dishwasher to remain empty, and ready to be filled up straight away. That should mean no dishes in the sink ever again! But if you do not have a dishwasher and are forced to hand clean everything, then this can become a problem when there is a weekends worth of plates lying in the sink. The best way to conquer this problem is to hand wash dishes as you use them. Once you finish using your plate, why not spend a quick minute hand washing it, instead of dumping it in the sink to build up for you in a couple of days. This way you will notice a huge difference in how much washing up dishes doesn’t feel like a huge chore anymore.

2. Spilling and not wiping it up.

This is one of the most simple habits to break, but will guarantee a big noticeable change. Have you ever tried balancing a cup of hot tea in one hand, a book and a plate of food in the other, while simultaneously walking from your kitchen to your front room? We know what’s bound to happen. Unless you spent many years working as a waitress at a restaurant, there is no logical way your tea will make it from point A to point B without a single drip. A tiny little slosh on the floor or you miss the coaster on the table and your tea slightly goes overboard onto the wooden coffee table. But oh well right? They will dry up eventually! Wrong. Coffee, tea, and drinks stains are a huge habit that we pretend do not happen. Why does it seem so difficult to quickly grab a towel and clean it up properly? In the long run, it will leave our coffee table looking good as gold, our floors will not get damaged and sticky, and we will not be left with those horrible ring marks on any of our surfaces. Such an easy solution for such a minor error!

3.Leaving hairs in the drain!

Now this habit is for the ladies, and long haired men. Now this habit is not as regular as the others, but tends to build up over time resulting in a disgusting mess of a mission to clean up. Every time someone with long hair showers, some of those stray hairs built up in the drain, over time resulting in a clogged up mess. The simplest way to defeat this soapy, hairy mess is to regularly clean the drain. Once a week, simply pull the drain apart, and remove those long hairs with an old toothbrush. Sounds simple, right? This fast and routine way to clean the drain means never again will you have to unclog a blocked drain.

4.Leaving rubbish around

This habit is probably the biggest, and the worst we have to learn to break. We are all guilty of this, and it needs to stop for the sake of our home, and our roommates. Nothing makes a home look worse than walking in, to find old crisp packets, dishes in the front room, and shoes chucked wherever they please. It is extremely easy to pick up after ourselves, but for some reason as humans we just forget to do it. Are we too lazy to get up and bring our coffee mug to the kitchen once we are finished? The time is now to start getting ourselves into gear, and start picking up after ourselves, to make a difference in our home. In no time we will notice how much easier life is when our homes are organized and not in a manic state. It is unbelievably simple to get up off the sofa, and run to put our chocolate rubbish in the bin, but we are so used to putting it on the table, where we will get up and forget about it. Make a conscious effort to throw things away, take our shoes off and put them away, and bring those dishes into the kitchen when we are done. It’s the little steps that make a huge difference.

Want to find out 4 more Annoying Household Habits? Check back soon for Part 2, from Selclene! 

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