7 Tips To Make Sure Your Kids Clean Up After Themselves

Maybe You Do Not Need House Cleaning Services Or Maybe You Do?

Do you ever feel as if you are the only one doing all the house cleaning chores and continuously making an effort to keep the house tidy? Sometimes we end up spending most of our waking hours cleaning messes that were never made by us in the first place. No wonder we all hanker after domestic cleaning services from a professional cleaner – could do with that every day.

When trying to keep on top of the domestic cleaning with a hectic family, we may forget that it is completely possible to make house cleaning fun for everyone! With small kids, we end up with the worst messes at the end of the day.

We can shout, and nag all we want to get them to tidy up their toys, but have you ever decided to make it a game? Encouraging small hands to actively clean and tidy up by turning it into a fun activity, will not only get the jobs done, but promote hands on activities.

Here are 7 tips that may help your little ones clean up so you do not have to pay out for house cleaning services.

Domestic Cleaning Tip 1

Turn cleaning time into a party and dance time’ so that it doesn’t seem like such hard work after their friends and them have created a hell hole. Don’t expect perfection, but making the tasks fun may stack the odds in your favour that it won’t be you tidying up their carnage at the end of every day. Get the music on and start the cleaning chores and spray to the beat.

Domestic Cleaning Tip 2

Start by getting them to put away certain colours or certain items first and make it a game. It becomes a game when they have to pick out certain things first. Say “put away the books first” and you have 60 seconds. Then come back in 60 seconds and they will feel it is a game rather than a chore.

Domestic Cleaning Tip 3

If it is still hard graft getting your child to clean, just stop talking and gently take their hand in yours and place it over a toy or a book or whatever and pick it up with them, and guide their hand to the bin. Do this for several items and they will soon want to continue by themselves. If they get upset though don’t continue but they shouldn’t if you’re making a game out of it.

Domestic Cleaning Tip 4

Do some role-play to get them to clean up their mess. Dress them up in cleaning hat, apron and rubber gloves and let them get started. Pretend you are paying them for their domestic cleaning services and you are the ever so pleased customer.

Domestic Cleaning Tip 5

set a timer so that their clean up time has to be done in a certain time. Children love to get things done in 30, 60 or 90 seconds and boy see them go.

Domestic Cleaning Tip 6

If they are very young, tell them that the tooth fairy can be tempted to take toys that are not put away and she can think those left out are for her. This can be used as a last resort though as it can seem a bit mean.

Domestic Cleaning Tip 7

Reward with stickers for clean up on each day and when they have achieved say 7 stickers in a week, it is treat time.

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