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At Selclene Southeast we have a wealth of experience and a team of friendly reliable cleaners on hand to assist you with any domestic cleaning service you need in Greenwich and all other areas of Southeast London.  Call us today so we can explain some really great deals we currently have to you and you let us know how we can help make your life easier by doing those house cleaning jobs you hate.  In the meantime if you want to get some insider knowledge on cleaning read on and we will share some really handy tips with you.


While the weather may be warm and sunny, summer brings our homes quite a few messes. Although we try and spend most of our time soaking up the little sun we get, the last thing we want to be doing is spending our precious England summer stuck inside cleaning our homes.

Here are the 5 best ways to keep your home sparkling this summer, so you can spend less time in, and more time out!

Patio/garden cleaning:

Summer is the best time to have barbecues with friends and family. Sitting in a messy garden can completely ruin the positive atmosphere that summer barbecues bring us. Cleaning your patio/garden is a lot easier than it sounds, all you need is an hour to tackle the mess and you’ll be sitting on a deck chair, soaking up the sun in no time.  Make sure all of your garden furniture has had a good scrub, using a mild detergent and water. Stuff some garden clearance bags filled with any overgrown vines, and plants, and if you have grass, give it a quick cut. The last thing you will need to do is to scrub any decking or paving slabs with any form of disinfecting solution, specifically for patio and decking cleaning. Then before you know it, you can light some citronella candles, start up the barbecue, and call your friends over.


Hot houses in the summer can mean warm messes and smells coming from the kitchen. Make sure you properly dispose of your rubbish regularly to prevent it from becoming humid, and smelly. Clearing and disinfecting your rubbish bins can also prevent the possibility of mould and filth from growing.

Bathroom cleaning:

Summer means sweat, stains, and stink… especially when kids are living in the home. After a good play outside, children and even adults become a sweaty mess, and need to come inside for a nice cool shower. Your shower is likely to see lots of muddy, sweaty usage, so it is best to tackle this in a practical way. Make sure you regularly clear out and unblock the shower, to prevent any forms of build up over the days. In humid conditions, it is best to leave the bathroom door/window open, or make use of the fan to eliminate any damp moisture in the bathroom to prevent mould and mildew.

Front room cleaning:

Even if you rarely use your front room in the summer, it is the perfect time to clear it out regularly. The warm breezy summer days are a perfect reason to wash any fabric cushions, rugs, blankets, and carpets. Hanging them out to dry on the line will result in perfectly clean and dry washing in no time. Thank you, summer breeze!

Airing out your whole house:

Summer days are the perfect time to give our home the fresh and clean breeze we needed. There is no reason to keep every window closed and locked when the weather is perfect. If you are at home, you can open almost every single window, spray some air fresheners, and let nature run its course. Soon enough your home will be smelling fresh and clean, without that warm stuffy smell you come across with the windows closed. A little fresh air never hurt.

We may believe that summer is the perfect time to get out of the house. While that is true, there are still a few simple steps that we can take to make sure everything remains clean and clear for those summer days.

Less mess in your home, means more time enjoying the days with family and friends! And who wouldn’t love that?

Contact us today by phone: 020 8698 6953 or email: and one of our friendly team will discuss how we can help you enjoy summer more in Greenwich, Southeast London.

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